The Best Outdoors Apps for the iPhone

With summer officially here, many of us want to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while we can. However, as is tradition nowadays in 2017, many people don’t go anywhere without their trusty smartphone in their pocket or bag. This should go double for when you are going hiking, camping or exploring outdoors. While there is something to be said for going hiking or exploring without any technology, it definitely has value and without it, you risk getting into some trouble.

Of course, the main reasons are to have a way to contact people if things go wrong or a means with which people can contact you. However, your iPhone can also help you out in a ton of other different ways when you are camping, hiking or doing any other kind of outdoor exploration. The App Store is full of great apps that can really add to your outdoor adventures in a positive way.

Whether you want to pre-plan your hikes, make sure you don’t get lost, be able to identify wildlife or do a wide variety of other things, there is definitely an app out there for you. But with so many options, how do you know which ones are great and which will just waste your time? Well, that is why we have crafted this article. This article will take a close look at some of the best outdoors apps for you to enjoy this summer and every summer going forward.


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If you are after some major adventure in your life, this might be the app for you. Yonder is an app to help you plan your next adventure, no matter what you like to do. Whether you like to go backpacking, hiking, or biking, this app is great for you and can help you have a good time. Simply launch the app and it will show you the various different experiences and places that are all around you. You may be surprised to find out what sorts of things you can do, just around the corner.

The app contains over 20,000 different destinations that can be searched or browsed, and these often come complete with videos and images so you can see what possible adventure is awaiting you. There are a ton of different activities that will come up and these can be shared with friends and family with ease.

The app is completely free to use, and as a result, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a try! You can showcase your favorite places, and be inspired by what other people in your area are checking out too. All in all, it is a great app and one that can help you get out and experience the world.

If you love to hike and see the great outdoors, this is a fantastic option for you to download. This app is home to more than 50,000 trails from around the world, in a ton of different countries. These trails are often accompanied by photos and reviews from a ton of different users that have explored the trails in the past. This will make sure you always know what you are getting into before you go out there!

The app shows you the length of the trail, how difficult it is and it’s rating. Browsing trails or searching them by type of activity is easy, and you can easily save trails you love for the future or to share with others. But in addition to showing you the trails, the app can also record your pace, distance, elevation and even track your GPS.

Even driving directions are included within the app, so it does a ton of different things for you. The app is available for free, but there is also a Pro version that can be downloaded for $29.99 a year, and it gets you the ability to download maps for offline use, can let you create custom maps and much more.

You have likely heard of Map My Fitness and Map My Run, but now let us introduce you to Map My Hike. This app is all about tracking and mapping all of your hikes. The app keeps all your stats over time and can help you see your hiking progress over time. Tens of millions of people use this app and it is one of the most popular on this list.

The app doesn’t only track your movement, hiking, and exercise, but it also analyzes your performance every single step of the way. The app keeps stats such as pace, distance, duration, calories burnt and more. Setting personal goals is also extremely easy within this app. Basically, Map My Hike can do almost everything you need out of an outdoors app.

The community is also one of the best parts of this app and it is easy to stay up-to-date with friends and other users within the app. You can share your progress and results with others, and you can join challenges to compete with and motivate others. One of the best things about this app is also that it can be downloaded and used for free.

If your preferred outdoors activity is surfing, then this app definitely deserves a spot on your iPhone. The MSW app provides you with long range surf forecasts for thousands and thousands of beaches from all across the globe. The forecast gives you a ton of different information such as surf size, swell height and direction, wind strength, direction and more.

The app gives you a full 7-day forecast, spot by spot conditions and even live data so you can always know if a beach is good to be surfed or not. The way that the app is designed is also very good as it provides all the information you need, in a simple and clear fashion.

The app can be downloaded for free, but there is also a Pro version that gets you a few different extra features that give you more information and a better forecast. Basically, if you love to surf, there are few apps out there better than this one. Whatever the surf is doing at your favorite beach, this app will make sure that you know and have ample time to plan for it.

This app is all about having you go out on an amazing adventure, and then be able to share it with the world to show what you have done. Ramblr lets you easily track your route on a map, and shows you exactly where you are going, and where you have been. You can check the stats of your trip and can also add things like photos, videos, and tags throughout your journey.

Of course, another big part of this app is being able to share your journey with your friends and followers. You can easily combine your stats, photos, videos, journal entries of your journey into a story. This story will be a rundown of your entire journey, laid out in a way that people can see all the details of your hike, bike or walk. You can then easily upload and share memories from your journey without any hassle at all, even to social media.

The map also contains offline maps, GPS, and of course, you can view the stories of other people who use the app. This can be great for getting inspiration or motivating you to go out there and have your own adventure. The app is completely free to download and use.

Whatever type of adventure or activity you are planning to do out in the great outdoors, you need to make sure you prepare for the sun you will be going up against. If you don’t cover up or have some sunscreen on, you could be left with a pretty gnarly sunburn. But instead of just guessing whether it will be sunny out, you can download the app, UVLens.

UVLens is an app that will let you know how the sun is acting on any given day to make sure you know what to do to prepare for it! The app will show you a UV index of the day, will educate about how sunscreen affects you and even help you find out how long you can stay out in the sun before you get burnt.

The app is free to use, and while it can’t do a ton of different things for you, it is perfect for what it intends to be. If you are ever concerned about how long you can be outside without sunscreen or want to know the UV index, this app is a quick and easy way to figure it out.

One great thing about the outdoors is seeing all the great wildlife that the world has to offer. And one of the most likely types of wildlife you will see on your adventures are birds. While some of us likely know a few types of birds we may run into, most of us don’t know many. However, with the help of the Audubon Bird Guide app, you can know nearly them all.

This app can help you identify more than 800 different species of North American birds and gives you a ton of information on the bird including size, appearance, habitat, behavior, diet and more. The app also has thousands of high-quality images so that you can see and know which birds you are encountering in the wild.

Eight hours of bird sounds are included into the app and various different maps as well. You can also easily browse species based on your location so you can try get a better understanding of the things you might see. You can even post and share sightings with other users. All in all, this app is one of the best bird guides for the iPhone, and is available for free.

When you are outdoors on an adventure, one thing that is bound to happen to some people from time to time is being injured. Getting hurt is never fun or easy to deal with, but having this app on your device can really save you. First Aid by American Red Cross is an app that puts expert advice for a variety of accidents right in your pocket.

The app will guide you through a wide array of different possible injury scenarios, in a simple way. The app is also full of photos and videos that can help you learn how to better deal with a variety of first aid situations. And because the content of the app is pre-loaded, you don’t even need an internet connection for it to work.

Accidents happen, and it is better to have the help you need and not need to use it, than to not have the help, but injure yourself. Also, with the app being completely free to download and use, there is no reason not to have this app on your device before you go on an outdoor adventure.

One of the best outdoor activities to do is go camping. However, unless you plan on just camping out in your backyard, you will often need to reserve a campsite and find a campground. But with so many options out there which do you choose and where are they? Well, this app can help you find a campground near you, while also letting you find sites that are available.

The main use of this app is to be able to find a campground and find out if that campground has any available spots. You can search for campgrounds near your address, near a certain city and even near a certain site. You can even search for campgrounds by name or by the amenities it has.

The app is also used to see what sites are available at the campgrounds and even reserve your site right from the app! The app also provides you a plethora of details about each and every campground so you are never left in the dark. Also, with the app being able to be downloaded for free, it is one of the best ways to figure out where you should go camping.

Obviously, before you go outside on an adventure or even just for a walk, you want to make sure the weather is good. And while it is pretty easy to see what the weather is currently doing, it is a bit more difficult to know what it is going to do in the future, without an app. There are many different weather apps out there, but we believe that AccuWeather is the best of the bunch.

Of course, the app gives you observations on the current conditions out there, but it also offers you a detailed and solid summary of the upcoming forecasts. If you prefer to look at a map or satellite and see what is coming up in terms of the weather, you can do that too. The app also includes some weather news and videos as well.

It has a unique format, but it is fair easy to get a hold of. With all the options that come with this app, and the fact that it is completely free, making this one of the best options for a weather app. While it doesn’t really do anything, in particular, to help you out in the outdoors (like most of the apps on this list do), it can definitely help you plan out your trips to make sure you don’t end up in a ton of rain or wind.

If you want to go out into the great outdoors, while also having some fun and doing some treasure hunting at the same time, this is the app for you. For those unfamiliar with geocaching, it is an outdoor recreational activity in which people use GPS to hide and seek containers at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

So how do you participate in this game and join the millions of people all over the world who play it? Well, you download this app. There are millions and millions of different “caches” (the fancy name for the containers) in over 100 different countries. There is a good chance you can find some right by you as well.  This app can search live for these caches as you walk, and you can also message other players for tips and tricks.

This app can also educate you all about the world or geocaching. While the app can be downloaded and enjoyed for free, there is also a premium membership that you can get. It will cost you $5.99 a month but has a number of different benefits. There is a search tool, new and improved tools, offline maps, find exclusive caches, and more!

With the SAS Survival Guide already being a best-selling book on surviving in any situation, it is not surprising that it has been brought to the iPhone. This app brings you elite survival skills right to your device. Now, most of us may never have to use many of the skills and practices talked about in this app, but it’s better to know them to not know them.

The app contains over 400 pages of helpful text, over a dozen videos, and a ton of questions in a quiz to make sure you know your stuff. The app also contains specific survival information in extreme climates of all kinds. No matter where you live or where you are traveling to, this app will ensure you are prepared.

Unlike most of the different apps on this list, this is not a free app. It will cost you $5.99 to download from the App Store. But for the tons and tons of people that use the app, that is a small price to pay. There are very few apps out there better at making sure you are prepared and can survive anywhere you go.

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