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The Best Surround Sound With Wireless Rear Speakers

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The Best Surround Sound With Wireless Rear Speakers

Messy cables lying around your living room are pretty annoying. Proper cable management may solve the problem, but it isn’t always that simple. Perhaps, the main reason some people are still using wired audio devices is the sound quality. However, technology constantly evolves, and modern wireless solutions are capable of providing just as good sound with minimal delay. It’s not uncommon for people to invest in home theater systems and soundbars to elevate their TV experience at home since such additions to your home console can make your entire experience way better. You will get to feel some extra intensity thanks to the subwoofers that come with the speakers, and many also come with rear speakers, so you can really feel like you’re in the middle of the action. Don’t assume that having rear speakers will add to your cable clutter since countless wireless options are now available. 

We’ve gathered the best surround sound systems with wireless rear speakers on the market in one guide to help you find a hassle-free solution for your home theater. You’ll get to see all their cool features, price range, and pros and cons. Read on to discover the best surround sound system for you.

01 Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar with SA-Z9R Wireless Rear Speakers

Sony has always been a leading brand when it comes to home theater systems, and they have created numerous options over the years that change the way to watch films/shows or listen to music. Their Sony HT-Z9F soundbar is a fantastic choice for your home theater setup, and you can get it with their SA-Z9R wireless rear speakers. You should prepare to spend $1,250, and while this isn’t the cheapest option on the market, you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with its quality, and it will last you a long time. 

The soundbar with rear speakers guarantees high-resolution audio, so you’ll feel like whatever you’re listening to is right in front of you. It features Dolby Atmos,  DTS:X, and 4K HDR support, so you’re getting a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own home. The soundbar with rear speakers provides you with sound from different directions thanks to hits Vertical Surround Engine. You can switch between five different sound modes: gaming, music, movies, sports, and news. Users can easily connect their devices to the soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or use an HDMI cable. The soundbar also has Chromecast built-in, so you can effortlessly stream from your compatible mobile devices or computers.

Any music you listen to on the soundbar will automatically be enhanced to high-resolution sound quality thanks to the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine of the soundbar. If you own other Sony soundbars and speakers around your home, you can play a single track on all speakers thanks to Sony’s Music Center.


  • Excellent design
  • High-quality sound
  • Outstanding surround sound capabilities
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Chromecast built-in


  • Midrange sibilance
  • Pricey


  • Price $1,249.98
  • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI
  • Speaker Type Soundbar
  • Special Features ‎Subwoofer
  • Dolby Vision™ Compatible YES
Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar with SA-Z9R Wireless Rear Speakers

02 JBL Bar 9.1

JBL is another reputable brand in the home theater market, and the JBL Bar 9.1 is among the best offers you can grab your hands on. This soundbar will turn any room in your house into a private theater, and you’ll feel immersed in your audio thanks to its DTS:X and Dolby Atmos support. It features a total of 820 watts of power, so you can expect your audio to be crystal-clear and powerful. 

The soundbar comes with a 10-inch subwoofer that adds an extra punch to your bass, and you get a surround-sound experience with its battery-powered surround speakers. The wireless speakers can last for about ten hours, and when it’s time to recharge them, all you need to them is dock them to the soundbar. 

The JBL Bar 9.1 is perfect for those who binge-watch their favorite series and movies on services like Netflix or HBO Max because it supports Ultra HD 4K with Dolby Vision. Users can easily connect to the soundbar using Bluetooth, but it also comes with Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in. For those who plan to connect the soundbar to the TV, you can use the included HDMI cable for an uninterrupted connection. Customers will also receive a free wall mount with their soundbar for when they want to have less clutter. 


  • Pretty loud
  • DTS:X and Dolby Atmos support
  • Ultra HD 4K with Dolby Vision support
  • Battery-powered wireless rear speakers
  • Sound profile is well-balanced
  • Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in


  • Not the most affordable
  • Could use a graphic EQ
  • EQ presets are limited


  • Price $999.95
  • Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, Optical
  • Speaker Type Soundbar
  • Special Features ‎Subwoofer
  • Dolby Vision™ Compatible YES
JBL Bar 9.1

03 Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4

If you find the price tags of our first two items too high, you can save a bit of cash when you opt for the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4. This soundbar comes with a 10-inch wireless subwoofer and two rear surround speakers, worth about $900. Users can expect an immersive 260-degree surround sound experience because of the soundbar’s state-of-the-art Spatial Surround Elevation Max Technology. You get the perfect mix of performance and processing power because of the soundbar’s tweeters, silk dome, extended-range twin-cone drivers, and high-output amplifiers. 

The 10-inch subwoofer included with the soundbar has a maximum output of 300W, and you can expect it to intensify the bass of your audio since it can achieve lows of up to 30Hz. The second-gen two-way surround speakers are an excellent addition, especially when you want to hear the sound all around you. You won’t have to connect it directly to the soundbar, but you’ll have to connect it to the wireless subwoofer using the included RCA cable. 

Users will get to use the Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 in the decades to come because of its future-proof connectivity. It supports HDMI and HDMI eARC, and you can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Using one of the three HDMI ports is advisable for those streaming movies since it supports 4K HDR pass-through and Dolby Vision. 


  • Superb surround sound audio
  • Can get pretty loud
  • Adjustable subwoofer level
  • Spatial Surround Elevation Max Technology
  • 4K HDR pass-through and Dolby Vision


  • Atmos performance could be better


  • Price $899.99
  • Connectivity Technology RCA, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Optical, HDMI, Coaxial
  • Speaker Type Surround Sound, Subwoofer, Soundbar
  • Special Features Extended Range Twin-Cone Drivers, SSE Max Technology
  • Dolby Vision™ Compatible YES
Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4

04 Polk MagniFi Max AX SR 7.1.2

When it comes to top-notch sound quality, you can’t go wrong with the Polk MagniFi Max AX SR 7.1.2 channel soundbar that’s bundled with a 10-inch wireless subwoofer & SR2 surround speakers. This entire system delivers room-filling sound from any direction. The soundbar brings users a super immersive sound experience thanks to its 11-driver array with two up-firing drivers, left/right tweeters and woofers, and a dedicated center channel. 

Polk equipped the soundbar with their patented SDA 3D audio technology, which brings users a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience like no other. You will hear every dialogue clearly thanks to the soundbar’s patented VoiceAdjust speech-clarifying technology when watching a film. It uses the integrated center channel speaker to heighten voice levels without disrupting the other parts of the audio. 

All the intense scenes from your content will leave a better impact because of the powerful wireless subwoofer that promises deep bass. Connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar doesn’t require any extra effort from you since it connects to it automatically. The Polk MagniFi Max AX SR 7.1.2 supports HDMI and HDMI eARC connections, but you can also go fully wireless since it supports Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Alexa MRM, Apple AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 


  • Fantastic sound performance
  • SDA 3D audio technology
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support
  • VoiceAdjust speech-clarifying technology
  • Wired and wireless connections


  • Remote could be improved
  • Doesn't come with screws for mounting


  • Price $899.00
  • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Optical, HDMI
  • Speaker Type Soundbar
  • Special Features ‎Subwoofer
  • Dolby Vision™ Compatible YES
Polk MagniFi Max AX SR 7.1.2

05 Sony HT-A7000

The Sony HT-A7000 is perfect for those who don’t see money as an issue. This soundbar will cost you close to $2,000 if you get it bundled with the 300W SA-SW5 subwoofer and two wireless SA-RS3S rear speakers. The soundbar has a combination of different technologies like 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, S-Force Pro Front Surround, and Vertical Surround Engine to give you an immersive sound experience that makes everyone in the room feel like they have the best seat in the house. 

The Sound Field Optimization technology of the soundbar is responsible for automatically analyzing your room’s environment and calibrating its audio to give the best sound possible. If you decide to move the soundbar to another room, you can rest assured that the technology will do all the work for you and adjust its performance to the new environment. 

The SW5 300W wireless subwoofer delivers 300W and 19L of powerful bass, so you’ll get to feel the intensity of all the action scenes you see in films or shows. On the other hand, the RS3S wireless rear speakers deliver a total power output of 100W. You can expect it to make your entire audio experience more immersive, and it achieves room-filling sound from its omnidirectional block design. You have the option to place the rear speakers on the floor or a table, or you can even mount them to a wall.

The Sony HT-A7000 is ready for the future of streaming since it supports Dolby Vision, 4K/120, and 8K. You can also connect it to your voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can connect the soundbar to their smart TVs using an HDMI cable. In contrast, their mobile devices and computers can connect to the computer using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast.


  • 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, Sound Field Optimization, S-Force Pro Front Surround, and Vertical Surround Engine technology
  • Dolby Vision, 4K/120, and 8K support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast support


  • Could be louder
  • Lacks EQ controls
  • Expensive


  • Price $1,994
  • Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
  • Speaker Type Soundbars
  • Special Features Subwoofer
  • Dolby Vision™ Compatible YES
Sony HT-A7000


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