How to Turn Off Ring Doorbell While Charging

There are so many Ring Doorbell devices available now, it’s hard to keep track of how each one is powered. Long story short: the Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 come with a battery, while the Ring Elite and Ring Pro don’t have a battery option.

The Elite and Pro models are hardwired to your house’s electricity and the internet. However, the original Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 need to be charged from time to time. This article will give you many useful tips and advice for charging a Ring Doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Battery Life

Before we begin with the tutorial on Ring Doorbell battery charging, let’s discuss the battery life of this smart device. Firstly, it’s very difficult to estimate the exact battery life of Ring Doorbell devices. Some users say that their battery lasts for as much as six months, while others charge it on a weekly basis.

The official info from Ring states that the main two things affecting battery life are the temperature and the motion detection sensors. Ring said that their batteries drain faster when the temperature is lower than 40F.

The motion sensitivity is customizable. Therefore, you can reduce it to save battery life. But then you might miss out on possible alerts in your front or backyard. You can extend the Ring Doorbell battery life by accessing the Ring app Motion Settings, and then lowering the motion sensitivity, or shrinking the monitored motion zones.

If you live in harsh weather environments, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to extend your battery life other than moving to a warmer climate! Sorry, that’s just a lighthearted joke. Read on to find out how to easily and safely remove the Ring Doorbell battery and then charge it.

Ring Doorbell Battery Charging 101

Soon, you’ll know how to charge your Ring Doorbell battery, but first, here are some useful facts. Ring will warn you about your battery depleting. You can check your battery status using the Ring app on your smartphone or computer.

You can also watch the live video feed using the same app, and also recorded footage. It will send push notifications to your device when your Ring Doorbell detects an event (anything that triggers the motion sensor is considered an event).

This is relevant because Ring claims that your Ring Doorbell battery lasts up to 1000 event notifications. Still, it’s best not to let your Ring Doorbell battery deplete entirely because then you might have to go through the setup process once again after recharging it.

Everything needed for battery removal and charging is included with the Ring Doorbell purchase. The following items are crucial: a screwdriver, security screws, and a micro USB charger.

Your Ring Doorbell comes with an LED indicator ring showing you the battery life status. It will be fully illuminated when your battery is full. It’s more reliable than the Ring app, which shows you the battery life with a slight delay.

Ring Doorbell Charging

Finally, you’re ready to charge your Ring Doorbell. Follow these steps to recharge the original Ring Doorbell:

  1. Use the included screwdriver to unscrew the two security screws at the bottom of the Ring Doorbell. Remove the unit from its base, leaving the base in position. You will reattach the device after it is fully charged.
  2. Plug in the micro USB cord (the one you received or any other) into a power source, and then put the cable in the back of your Ring Doorbell.
    ring doorbell laptop charge
  3. The charging process will take a while (from five to ten hours). You can also plug in the micro USB into your computer for charging, but it will take even longer to charge.
  4. Once the battery is fully charged, place the Ring Doorbell back on its base. You should hear a click when it latches on. Then return the security screws back in the base, using a screwdriver.

The Ring 2 is a little different, as it uses a separate battery. You can actually use a replacement battery to avoid any downtime, while the battery is charging. Here’s how you recharge a Ring Doorbell 2 battery:

  1. First, you need to unscrew a single security screw from the bottom of the base. Then you can remove the faceplate.
  2. Next, push the release button, and the battery will slide out of the base.
  3. Again, you will use a micro USB cord to charge the battery. The opening is on the backside, and it will work on any power source.
    ring doorbell charging
  4. When the battery is fully charged, slide the battery back inside the base. When you hear the click, it’s latched on.
  5. Then you can return the faceplate and screw in the security screw.

Battery Full

That’s all folks. Now you know how to recharge your Ring Doorbell battery. It’s worth mentioning, that all Ring Doorbells power off automatically once you remove the battery. The devices that are hardwired shut down when your power goes off.

Using a replacement battery isn’t a bad idea, that way you can be safe even while you’re recharging. If you have something to add, do visit the comments section below.

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Avatar John says:
My Ring Doorbell is behind a metal cage/frame which is not that easy to remove each time I need to recharge the battery. Would it be possible to leave the orange cable permanently attached so instead of removing the doorbell to recharge I just plug the other end of the cable into the charger?

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