Best TV Remote Apps for Android

Posted by Heather on September 27, 2016
Best Android Remote Apps

Universal remotes have been around for a while now.  An excellent one can cost up to or more than $200 bucks.  Why not put your Smartphone to the challenge?  Yes, you read that right you can use your Android mobile phone as a universal remote.

The Google Play store has a plethora of universal and remote applications available for download but, which one’s are the best for your needs?  We’ll be covering the best remote apps we’ve found to fit the bill for your Android device(s).

SURE – Universal TV Remote

SURE universal remote

The SURE remote application is first on the list and for good reason.  We were able to program it to control and old LCD TV, a FiOS cable box, our Xbox One and an older Sony home theater system.  You’ll be able to select whether you want to use the app as an IR remote or a Wi-Fi remote if, you’ve got a newer Smart TV or devices that are enabled with this feature.  Universal remote Android

It gave us full functionality and control of our electronic devices right from our LG G5 without having to go out and shell out any extra money.  It may not work with older Smartphone devices, but if you’ve got a newer Android smartphone or device, it’ll be the perfect solution when you’re in the market for a universal remote.  It’s a very intuitive and will definitely be our go to universal remote app.

Peel Smart Remote

Peel app remote

When you’re looking for a remote that can operate your television and your cable box then, the Peel Smart Remote application is the one you want.  Set up took less than five minutes, it was more like three.  After download of the app, we selected our TV manufacturer and were able to control powering the TV on and off immediately.

The second step which is incredibly cool was that the Peel application asked for the zip code where we’re situated.  Why?  Because then, we were able to select our Cable provider and the app magically gathered and displayed channel and guide information for our location.                                                                                                                                                                           Peel app

Peel shows you what’s on, what’s trending, breaks viewing selections down into categories and tells you what’s scheduled to come on.  You can even select videos to watch that have already been televised.  Also, watch TV and movie trailers to get a sneak peek of what’s to come.  The Peel application is simple to use and packs a lot into it.  You’ll surely want to check it out.


Roku remote

The Roku player is the original streaming device, it was around long before Apple Tv and devices like the Matricom G-Box.  If you’re an owner of any of the Roku Streaming devices then, you’ll want to add the Roku remote application to your Android device for complete control.  As you may or may not know you’ll need a paid Roku subscription along with one of the various Roku players or a Roku-capable television.

You’ll be able to use Roku search from your Android device, use voice commands to find something to watch, follow movies that are coming soon and be alerted when they’re available to view on which channel and the cost.  Also browse, watch, rate all the channels offered by the Roku channel store.  Launch your favorite channels to play on your TV from the Roku app on your Android smartphone or device.  Along with all the other things you’re used to doing through your Roku from the convenience of the Roku app.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote app

This remote application is ideal for turning your Android into a remote control for your PC, Mac or Linux machine.  After you’ve downloaded the app on your Android device, it’ll give you a web link to go to.  Then, you’ll get the server application on your particular computing device and this will act as the gateway that connects your Android with your computer.

You can fully operate your computer without having to get up and sit right in front of it.  With the unified remote app installed you can cue up some tunes, start watching a movie and use a web browser on your computer remotely from your Android smartphone or device.  Now that’s cool.

The unified remote application offers essential functions that anyone can use if you want even more control between your Android and a computer then, they also offer a full version which uses voice commands, is more customizable and will work with Android wear.  If you want a remote app to control your computer, you won’t want to skip this one.

In Conclusion

Like we said earlier the Google Play Store is loaded with options when it comes to remote applications for your Android smartphone and device.  These four stand out to be the best in our opinion.  You’ve got one app that serves as a universal remote, another app that works in conjunction with your television and cable provider, a Roku exclusive remote app and a unified remote app that can be used between Android and your PC, Mac or Linux set up.

This takes a little something that is suited for Android users and those looking for an application for the particular task at hand.  We know there are even more remote apps available and those that are targeted directly at specific users like Direct TV, Samsung Tv owners, Apple TV lovers and so forth.  We aren’t saying that the remaining remote apps aren’t just as useful or valuable to those that use them.

This is our list with a glimpse of something for everyone.  If, you’ve found or know of another Android remote application worth mentioning don’t hesitate to let us know.  Until next time, enjoy our selections!

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