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The Netflix of Prescription Glasses: A Warby Parker Review

The Netflix of Prescription Glasses: A Warby Parker Review

If you listen to technology podcasts regularly, you’ve by now likely heard of eyewear company Warby Parker. The New York based startup, launched in 2010, has recently started advertising on many tech podcasts and bills itself as an affordable and easy way to purchase eyeglasses and sunglasses via the Internet. As a (literally) nearsighted nerd, I was intrigued when I heard about the company on The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab podcast, and so I decided to give it a try and provide an independent Warby Parker review.

Warby Parker Review

Warby Parker operates both via its website as well as through a small number of physical retail locations throughout the United States. The online ordering component of the company is the truly novel aspect so that’s how I chose to interact with them.

Warby Parker Review

Pick Some Frames

You start by heading to Warby Parker’s website and browsing their selection of glasses. Sections are divided between men’s and women’s frames and then by regular eyewear and sunglasses. Most frames are offered in several colors, and there are large high-quality images of the frames from different angles, as well as a model that turns his or her head from side to side so you can see how each frame looks in any orientation. There’s also a virtual try-on feature that allows you to upload a picture of yourself so that you can get a general idea of what each frame will look like on your face.

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8 thoughts on “The Netflix of Prescription Glasses: A Warby Parker Review”

Leah says:
I’d be interested to know what your Rx is. Do you have astigmatism?
rebecca says:
Had an issue where my new prescription didn’t work for my eyes. Warby Parker just replaced my glasses for new ones, FREE OF CHARGE. Amazing customer service- I emailed with a representative who was respectful and quick to make the changes I needed. High quality glasses.
Johnny Writer says:
You are a terrible writer.
TekRevue says:
Well, that’s rather rude.
Adriel Trott says:
I recently ordered from Warby Parker and I wanted to add my two cents. I had one issue with customer service: they contacted me to get approval for thinner lenses which I did pay for. Then when I called back for a receipt for that additional expenditure (they didn’t automatically send that receipt), they told me that they hadn’t charged me for that but discounted me the costs of thinner lenses. But it turns out that was not the case. So I had to call back to insist on a receipt.

I’m happy with the glasses, generally — I get regular compliments especially on one pair (I ordered two). But I did have to get them adjusted at a place that has an optometrist. The optometrist showed me that the frames have very thick eartips or whatever you call the part of the glasses that go over the ear which contributes to a certain amount of pressure produced by the glasses on my head. If there is one thing I would recommend to WP it’s that they find a way to take some material out of the ear end.

StewyStan says:
I just received my replacement pair of glasses from Warby Parker, and I’m very happy with them. However, I have some advice for anyone with a strong prescription opting for the high index lenses: When you pick out the sample frames you like, TAKE THEM TO YOUR EYE DOCTOR AND HAVE THEM MEASURE THE OC HEIGHT. Here’s why…

When I received my first pair and put them on, I immediately noticed that something was off. I wore them for a full day and decided that it wasn’t just a matter of an adjustment period. Everything beyond 12 feet or so was slightly out of focus. I eventually noticed that if I titled my head back and looked further down the lenses, the focus improved. When I called WP and explained my issue, the customer service rep immediately identified the problem: the ocular focus on my lenses was off. She told me to take my glasses to my optometrist to have the OC height measured. She said that if they charged me, WP would reimburse me up to $50. Thankfully, they didn’t charge me anything. I called WP back with my OP height, and my new and improved glasses arrived in the mail a week later.

Apparently, the ocular focus isn’t an issue for everyone, particularly if you have a lower prescription. However, if you do have a strong prescription (I’m around a -5.00), I would strongly recommend taking your sample frames to your eye doctor and getting your OC height measured (go ahead and get your PD checked too while you’re at it) before shipping them back to WP. Just give them a call when you place your order and tell them the measurement. I’m considering ordering some sunglasses at some point down the road, and this is definitely the approach I’m going to take next time. Above all, I must say that Warby Parker’s customer service is fantastic.

Beth says:
I’m looking into Warby Parker and I’m at a -7.00 in my worst eye, I’ll definitely have to look into the OC height. Thanks for the heads up.
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Robyn J says:
I just got a home try-on kit, fingers crossed!
nanabuuui says:
Thanks for the review! Did you end up liking the lens?

I just ordered my first batch of the home-try-ons! Let’s hope it goes well :]

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