How To Watch TV without Cable or Satellite

Let’s face it: both cable TV plans and satellite TV plans are expensive. Consumers are easily shelling out a couple hundred per month for TV, Internet, and sometimes even Phone combination plans. That’s a lot of money to pay out for Internet access, as well as for access to the only couple of channels we watch per month, compared to the hundreds, if not thousands available to us.

That’s why cable cutting has gotten so popular — consumers would rather pay for one or two channels that they watch regularly, than for hundreds of channels that they’ve never even visited. Is it really that easy, though? Yes! If you follow along with us below, we’ll show you how you too can watch TV without cable or satellite subscriptions. Let’s dive right in.

The advent of cable-cutting

Cable-cutting started a few years back, when streaming devices like the Fire TV stick appeared on the market. We started seeing media apps launch on platforms like the Fire TV stick — and Android as a whole — that allowed you to subscribe to them, getting the same content that you would see on TV, but for around $10 per month. These are apps like CBS, Fox, AMC, HBO, and so many more.

Of course, it can still add up quite a bit when you start subscribing to all of your favorite channels. But not anymore: ever since Sling TV originally hit the market, this allowed folks to purchase a TV subscription on the cheap, and with no contracts. Slings and others discovered there was a market for something like this, and as such, we’ve seen all sorts of new TV streaming services launch that don’t require cable or satellite — only an Internet connection.

So, how do you start taking advantage of services like this? You can take advantage of a short trial from almost any of them, and then sign-up and subscribe. All that’s required is a streaming device, such as the Fire TV stick or Apple TV. Or, depending on the service, you may be able to get a streaming device for free, or, you might get the service’s own streaming hardware.

It’s all fairly easy to setup — once you subscribe, just plug the hardware into your TV, make sure the app is downloaded for the service, and then log in with the credentials you set. Alternatively, you can simply download your chosen service’s app onto your phone, and login with your credentials through there.

With all of that said, here are the best cord-cutting services that you can get started with:

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