How to Fix Windows Update error 0x80070057

How to fix Windows Update error 0x80070057-1

Windows Update error 0x80070057 occurred a lot with those upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Update but has been around a lot longer than that. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways round the error, including quite an unconventional one that has been featured on Microsoft’s own forum. So if you need to fix Windows Update error 0x80070057, read on!

Most recently, the error has been with users trying to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update but it isn’t exclusive to that. However, I do reference the file needed for that update in this tutorial. I hope it helps!

Fix Windows Update error 0x80070057

First, we can rename the SoftwareDistribution folder and force Microsoft to download a fresh copy of the update. The error may be being caused by a corrupted file download and this will force a new copy to be acquired.

  1. Type ‘services’ into the Search Windows (Cortana) box and select Services.
  2. Navigate to the Automatic Updates service and stop it. Leave the services window open.
  3. Navigate to C:\Windows\. Right click the SoftwareDistribution folder and rename it to SoftwareDistribution.old.
  4. Restart the Automatic Updates service.

How to fix Windows Update error 0x80070057-2

This will force the Windows Update process to create a new SoftwareDistribution folder and download a fresh copy of any update files it needs. This should fix the error. If that doesn’t work, we can use Windows Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool, DISM for short.

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. Type ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth’ and hit Enter. Let the process complete, it should tell you what it is doing in the CMD window.
  3. One complete, type ‘sfc /scannow’ and hit Enter to verify file integrity.
  4. Retest for the error by running Windows Update.

How to fix Windows Update error 0x80070057-3

If that doesn’t work, this unconventional fix on the Microsoft forums should do the trick.

  1. Navigate to Settings and Windows Update.
  2. Click Check for Updates, click Learn More low down in the right pane. This should take you to the Microsoft website. Click on the missing update. If you’re trying to install the Anniversary Update, it will be called Windows10Upgrade28084.
  3. Download the files from Microsoft.
  4. As soon as you see the message ‘verifying files’ turn off your internet connection. As soon as the update passes 2%, enable your connection once more. Do the same if it freezes at 2%.

Despite the odd nature of this fix, it has worked in a huge number of cases and somehow forces the update to proceed correctly. While these steps reference the anniversary Update, they will work for any update as long as you can identify the file on the Microsoft website.

Have you come up against this error before? Know any other ways to fix it? Let us know below if you have!

Posted by Jamie on October 19, 2016

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