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How to Make Wyze Camera Wireless

How to Make Wyze Camera Wireless

Installing a full surveillance system with live footage is a great way to ensure home safety. Additionally, this can give you court-admissible footage against parties who may be looking to break in. These systems are somewhat expensive and the installation is kind of a big deal, really.

Enter Wyze. These easy-to-install surveillance cameras feed live footage to your smartphone/tablet device, allow two-way communication, and are very affordable. And yes, you can install them by yourself. However, can these devices be turned wireless?

Why Go Wireless?

As clearly stated in the user manual, Wyze cameras are intended for indoor use. At present, Wyze is working on an outdoors model, but as of yet, installing them outside isn’t recommended. First of all, the devices aren’t waterproof and may succumb to extreme temperatures. Secondly, they’re fairly easy to detach. On the other hand, even though they aren’t built for outdoor use, Wyze cameras have proven to be quite sturdy when it comes to the weather.

Wyze Cam devices, for instance, can take quite the punch when it comes to frequent weather and moisture level fluctuations including fairly low temperatures. Additionally, there are covers and casings available online that can protect your Wyze camera devices from various conditions, up to an extent.

So, what does this have to do with going wireless? Well, the main reason why the cameras haven’t been designed as wireless devices in the first place, is that the focus is on home use. However, even at home, you might find it convenient to have wireless access.

wyze camera wireless

Can You Do It?

One important thing to take note of is that Wyze cameras already are wireless in a certain respect. They connect to your wireless network and to your smartphone and in that sense operate completely wirelessly. This means that they don’t need to be attached to a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or to a main hub unit that controls all the surveillance cameras. In fact, every Wyze camera is a unit in itself. The only thing that can be called ‘the main hub’ is your smartphone or tablet.

So what’s the issue then? Well, unlike some of its peers, Wyze camera devices aren’t battery-powered. They’re connected directly to your power outlet, just like you would connect your phone to a charger. This usually doesn’t present too much of a problem, but may leave you with lengthy and unseemly cables dangling everywhere. Fortunately, this can be avoided or, at the very least, tweaked.

Going Literally Wireless

The only real thing preventing the Wyze camera from going completely wireless is the lack of a battery. That said, you could always buy a power bank and feed the power to your Wyze device from there. Of course, you can’t leave the power bank dangling from the ceiling, but if you intend to place your Wyze camera on a flat surface, simply put your power bank flat on the surface and place the camera on top of it.

make wyze camera wireless

This should work with most power banks and is the only viable way to make a Wyze device completely wireless, without getting into the science of electronics.

Clearly, the problem here is using a power bank on Wyze cameras that aren’t set on flat surfaces.


One unique thing that every Wyze camera comes equipped with is the daisy-chain feature. If you don’t know what this is, essentially, it means that you don’t have to plug a Wyze camera to a power source, as long as you have a single Wyze device that is plugged into the wall. Simply connect a Wyze camera to the previous one and continue doing this for as many Wyze cameras as you have.

By connecting the first camera to a power bank and daisy-chaining, the others should work, but it may take up more battery and result in a shorter power bank battery life. So, it’s recommended that you actually use a wall socket with the first camera of the daisy-chain.

That said, this is as close as you can get to turning your Wyze cameras wireless, with or without a power bank. Wyze cameras should be used wisely (pardon the pun) – if you can’t find a way for a unit to reach a wall socket, find a way for it to reach another one of your Wyze camera units. Oh, and chances are, you’re going to get more than one Wyze camera, as they’re extremely affordable, especially the Wyze Cam (which will likely set you back less than the actual power bank).

Can You Turn Wyze Wireless?

In short, yes. If you use a power bank and place it conveniently, the device itself would be, in essence, a wireless one. However, keep in mind that the daisy-chaining option is much less of a hassle if you can pull it off. By using this feature, you don’t have to think about recharging your power bank.

Did you try turning your Wyze camera into a wireless device? How do you like the daisy-chain feature? Did you get a power bank? Feel free to hit the comments section below with your thoughts, ideas, tips, questions, and testimonials.

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