The 5 Best YouTube Alternatives – May 2019

For a company that has grown to become a massive, inescapable part of our culture, YouTube is undoubtedly the king of online video. With more than 1.3 billion users, YouTube isn’t just the most popular video site on the web, but the second-most popular website globally behind Google’s own homepage. The site serves up more than 5 billion videos every day, and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It’s easy to say that billions of people rely on YouTube daily for their entertainment and for hosting their videos. The variety in videos you can find on YouTube is truly astonishing, offering users a little something no matter what they’re interested in.

Whether you want to find news updates, music videos, video game walkthroughs, podcasts, and especially videos of cats, YouTube is basically endless in terms of what it offers to its users. People have developed real relationships with the creators on YouTube, and often turn to them in times of need to help get them through the day, or to entertain them in the middle of the night. But of course, the site isn’t without its problems. From advertisers often pulling their support from certain creators, to some YouTubers often landing themselves in trouble over their behavior, there are a number of things you might not like about using YouTube. If you’re looking to diversify where you watch content online, you aren’t without your options. Here’s our five favorite YouTube alternatives for 2019.

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