Top 5 YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is undoubtedly the king of online video and a website that counts its daily visitors in the billions. Yet it isn’t the only video sharing site on the web. There are others, lots of others and many of them are as good as YouTube. That’s why I have put together this top five list of YouTube alternatives. To give those other sites a boost. They need our love too!

1.   Dailymotion

Dailymotion is apparently the second largest video sharing site on the internet. It doesn’t look as good as YouTube but it has the content that makes websites like this as entertaining as they are. You get the homepage full of trending videos, category sorting, following and the usual social networking features. More importantly, you also get a huge array of professional and amateur videos too.

Some of the categories aren’t as packed as YouTube whereas others have even more. Aside from that, the two sites are very similar in terms of ease of use and content.


2.   Vimeo

Vimeo is slightly different. It’s a sleeker, more refined offering. Yes there are still videos of people falling over and cute kittens but they are few and far between. Instead, Vimeo is more about short films, arty videos and quality over quantity. The home page isn’t the most intuitive to use but once you get the categories and can navigate, you won’t look back.

I won’t say Vimeo is a more intelligent YouTube but the content it hosts requires a little more thinking and consideration than its competitor. For that it is well worth exploring.

3. is also something a little different. While it does host videos, the content is more about miniseries and web series than one off videos. The site actively encourages serial content and provides a range of production tools to help you achieve it. The site has free and premium accounts and offers revenue sharing and all sorts of benefits to producers. is excellent if you’re a serial filmmaker or a consumer of said serials. It is different enough to not directly compete with YouTube and active enough to not need to compete.


4.   Veoh

Veoh is another video hosting site that does things a little differently. Veoh is where you go if you make full length videos or want to watch full length video. There is no maximum upload size here. In fact, the site encourages the fuller movie experience. It isn’t the best looking website in the world and doesn’t have the most dynamic navigation but once you get used to it you’ll be exploring subjects and videos in no time at all.

As size is not an issue with Veoh, there are some top quality movies and documentaries to watch. That makes it a viable YouTube alternative in my book.

5.   Metacafe

Metacafe is another YouTube alternative that does much the same thing as the current king of the video sites. With yellow as its theme, the home page is busy but packed with videos. Categories and trending videos are easy to find and every piece of content links to another which makes it very easy to lose an hour or two of your day.

While not as different as some of the other websites in this list, it is of a sufficient quality to be worthy of your time.

Do you use a YouTube alternative that we haven’t mentioned here? Tell us about it below if you do.

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2016

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