The Best Apex Legends Wallpapers for Windows

As one of the most popular offerings in the quickly growing Battle Royale genre, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already dipped your toes into Apex Legends.

With a Metacritic rating of 88/100, critics and players alike are loving it. While it’s still trailing behind its older competitor Fortnite in terms of revenue, it’s remained in the charts as one of the top-grossing games on both PC and console since EA launched it by surprise in February.

It’s hardly a shock that it’s raking in the cash. In the first 8 hours after it was released, it already had 1 million players. Within a day, it had already more than doubled that number, with 2.5 million people giving it a go. It reached over 50 million users in just one month, which was the most successful first month of any free-to-play game released so far.

Publisher Electronic Arts pulled a fast one on gamers and critics alike, releasing the game without any trailers or hype. While this is normally a sign of a lack of confidence on the part of the publishers, it seems the trick paid off, considering how many people tried it out for themselves.

Apex Legends Wallpapers For Windows

The game was made by Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment (the studio founded by the creators of Call of Duty after they quit Infinity Ward), and is set in the Titanfall universe 30 years after the end of Titanfall 2. You won’t see any Titans running around the battlefield in this one though, because Respawn realized during development that it kind of sucked for everyone that wasn’t piloting a massive stompy robot.

Unlike most other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends gives players a choice between different character classes, with unique abilities and different roles to fulfill in the field. If you’ve already given the game a try, you’ve probably already picked your favorite.

It’s not just an innovative game from the hands of an experienced studio, it’s also something of a looker… which is probably why you’re here. It was made using a highly modified version of Valve’s venerable Source engine (of Half-Life 2 fame) which has been kicking around since 2004. Don’t think it’s been held back by old tech though, as you’ll see from the wallpapers we’re going to share with you.

Instead of just putting up a load of random pictures, we’ve trawled the web for the best places to find awesome desktop-sized backgrounds for this surprise favorite.

Go to The Source: EA

Best Apex Legends Wallpapers

As the publisher, EA’s website has a great selection of official Apex Legends wallpapers in their Media section. There’s beautiful concept art for each of the Legends, as well as some rather pretty in-game shots.

Go to The Fans: Reddit


Credits: u/Kloir

Any great game quickly picks up a lot of passionate fans, and Apex Legends is no different. The community is full of creative types that are happy to share their work with the world. One of the developers even chimed in on the above wallpaper with Mirage enjoying a sunset, saying that they’d found a new background. Our link has narrowed the search down for you to help you find just desktop-sized images.


Credits: u/leokkpls

Go to The Fans: Pinterest

pinterest Apex Legends Wallpapers

Good old social media. This one might take a bit of scrolling through, but if any new wallpapers are to be found, chances are they’ll show up on Pinterest. This one will probably grow more useful over time, as fans get ahold of the latest and greatest images and post them up.

Our link is a good place to start your search, though you can always narrow it down more with the name of a specific Legend.


Probably the best of the wallpaper websites that we could find. It’s got over 75 images in various high resolutions, as well as a number of avatars and mobile wallpapers. It also has a number of sorting options, so if you’re aiming for a specific size, have a look at those.

wallpapercart bangalore

A simply designed website with a large number of high definition images to choose from. It can take a while to load the pictures, but they’re displayed in a larger size so you can get a better idea of how they will look full-size without having to click each one.

Legendary Wallpapers

And there you have it. These are the best places we could find so far to pick up the cream of the crop of Apex Legends wallpapers. If you’ve found anywhere else to get the perfect backdrop for your gaming rig, let us know below!

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