The Best Apex Legends Wallpapers for the iPhone

Best Apex Legends Wallpapers for the iPhone

With more than 25 million active players in the first week upon release, Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the game’s characters and environments amassed a huge fan base.

As a fan, you may want to customize the screen of your iPhone with a cool Apex Legends wallpaper. But why stop at your smartphone? These wallpapers look great on your PC, Mac, and iPad as well. The ones we’ve selected come in full HD and can easily be used across your devices.

Without much further ado, let’s dive right into the exciting world of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Wallpapers – Top Picks

Kurdan Wallpapers

Looking for an eye-catching wallpaper featuring your favorite legend? The ones designed by Kurdan are an absolute must. Besides being compatible with any iOS device, these wallpapers work on Android as well.

Among other characters, you can choose the mysterious Bloodhound, the toxic Caustic, and the blue-eyed Wraith. The characters are set against the black Apex backdrop, which makes them really pop on your screen.


Credits: u/kurdan

Apex Wallpapers for Legends

Apex Wallpapers for Legends

This is actually a specialized app from an indie developer. It offers a good selection Apex wallpapers, featuring different characters. The wallpapers can be filtered by category and you get a push notification when a new one comes out.

The app is completely free but commercials are frequent, which might have a negative effect on your user experience. Still, Apex Wallpapers for Legends is easily navigable and you can quickly set the favorite legend to your home screen.

It works on iOS 9 or higher, and it’s compatible with iPad, iPhone, as well as iPod Touch.

The Winning Trio


Credits: r/apexlegends

You need to choose your team wisely to ensure enough kills to win an Apex Legends battle. This wallpaper shows exactly that. The combination of a medic, a tracker, and a skirmisher can prove to be just the right mix for you to come out as the victor.

You can use this imposing wallpaper on your iPhone, PC, Mac, or any other device you deem fit.

Caustic Minimalism



Are you a Caustic fan? Like minimalism as well? If the answers are yes, this wallpaper is a perfect merge of your aesthetic and gaming preferences. The simple white image stands out against the black background, and you can almost see the fume motion coming from Caustic’s mask.

As you might guess, this wallpaper is a great addition for your iPhone, computer, or tablet.

The Mighty Defender



In the Apex Legends world, Gibraltar has a noble role. He stands out as a shielded fortress, saving his team members whenever they need it. You might not know it, but there’s a story behind Gibraltar’s saint-like role. According to the game, Gibraltar’s father lost an arm while trying to rescue him from a mudslide, and that’s why this character decided to dedicate his life to helping others.

Gaming mythology aside, this is among the most beautifully complex Apex wallpapers you can get.

Isn’t She Just Gorgeous?



Aside from being one of the most attractive Apex Legends, Lifeline is also among the liveliest. This wallpaper depicts her signature chill posture which wouldn’t be complete without the victory sign.

Amazon Warrior Woman of the Future



Bangalore’s (aka Anita Williams) look is designed to instill fear into the enemy. She is a well-trained soldier with skills that are hard to rival. If you are into Apex Legends backstories, you know that her ruthlessness comes from her grief for her family.

This wallpaper does an excellent job of capturing her strength and determination.

The Arena Bird’s-eye View



Admittedly, this wallpaper truly shines on your iPad or computer. We decided to include anyway, as it gives you a nice perspective of the entire battleground.

You can resize the image a little on an iPhone or use the Perspective mode to get more depth. Either way, you’ll get a peek into the Apex Legends universe every time you pick up your phone.

Where to Get Apex Legends Wallpapers?

The Media section of the official Apex Legends website features some of the wallpapers in this article. There are also various third-party websites with free HD options. However, Pinterest is probably where you can find the biggest selection Apex Legends wallpapers.

Long Live the Legends

There’s a saying that all legends must die. But in the virtual world, death is only temporary, and you can always carry the memory of your favorite character with you on your phone.
Who is your favorite Apex legend? Which wallpaper from this article do you like the most and do you have suggestions of your own? Drop us a comment below and share your thoughts.

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