The Best Chromebooks Under $300 [October 2020]

We recently published a list of the best Chromebooks under $400—a price point that’s more than reasonable for virtually anyone who wants to have a workhorse computer that can carry out everyday tasks like emailing and web-surfing like a pro. It just so happened, however, that most of the Chromebooks on that list fell within the $300-$400 range, which isn’t quite representative of a group of laptops that can oftentimes be even cheaper. Indeed, many of you will likely invest so little creative capital into your Chromebooks that spending even $350 can seem like a stretch. 

To those of you who don’t want to break the $300 mark when it comes to buying a laptop that you can use for work or play: We salute you. For there are indeed several incredibly competent and impressively powerful Chromebook laptops that can be found for under $300, and we’ve listed the best of the best below.

For those of you who are somewhat unfamiliar with the idea of a Chromebook, these suspiciously cheap laptops need not be treated with suspicion at all. Unlike the mega-expensive MacBook Pros and their PC equivalents, Chromebooks were not designed to carry out pro-level tasks like audio production or video editing. Instead, they were built as large web browsers with keyboards—meaning they act somewhat like a more powerful extension of your smartphone and can dutifully carry out tasks like emailing and web browsing with ease. 

The laptops on this list are more than capable of getting you through the average workday (and perhaps even a little Netflix binging when you’re done), and you won’t need to worry about taking out a second mortgage on your home in order to buy one. Let’s take a look at your best options for 2020.

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