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20 Best Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Now [October 2020]

Netflix is filled with every genre of film you imagine.  From laugh-a-minute comedies and heartfelt drama to action-adventure and, of course, the latest superhero films, Netflix has something for everyone no matter what mood you’re in. Of course, you don’t need to stick to fiction when you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix. Documentaries can provide the same emotional experience as any other film, all while challenging your worldview or teaching you about something you never knew.

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Whether you like your documentaries about history, nature, entertainment, biography, or social issues, Netflix has you covered. Netflix has a broad selection of great documentaries for everyone. Here are some of the ones we like best, streaming on Netflix right now. We’ve limited this list to feature-length documentaries, but if you’re more interested in docuseries focused on crime, you may want to check out our separate list on that very topic here. [2]