30 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows Streaming on Netflix [Spring 2021]

We all need some escapism in our lives, and there’s nothing better to turn to than Netflix. From award-winning masterpieces to family-friendly entertainment and everything in between, Netflix makes it easy to throw on a classic movie or show no matter where you are.

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From superheroes to medieval tales, science-fiction and fantasy make for some of the best escapism you’ll find in entertainment today, and long-form shows help to expand on universes unknown. Whether you’re a binge-watcher or love to take your time with your favorite TV shows, here’s a sampling of the best that Netflix has to offer in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. These are thirty of the best fantasy, sci-fi, and epic fiction you can catch this winter on Netflix. When you’re done reading our list below, you also might want to check out our list of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix.

16 thoughts on “30 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Shows Streaming on Netflix [Spring 2021]”

Megan says:
The expanse on Amazon prime is awesome
Mark Carras says:
Look up the show Journeyquest on Amazon Prime. Imagine if Lord Of The Rings was a comedy, and Gandalf was a bumbling failure trying to prove is worth as a wizard. One of the best streaming fantasy comedies around. It’s also on YouTube, but the quality and edit on Amazon Prime is way better.
Miah says:
Watch Lucifer not trying to be like the devil and all that but it’s a funny show just saying.also I need more Merlin like how they just end it like that come on
Had me crying and everything
Tait says:
Lucifer is actually really great
Muggsy Bubba says:
Hey peeps, this thread is about finding good fantasy and sci-fi shows, presumably for people who haven’t seen them and are looking for something good to watch, so I was disappointed with all the Merlin ending spoilers as I now no longer want to watch a show I already know the ending to. Can’t help it. Sad face
Sarah says:
That’s like saying you wouldn’t watch Titanic because someone told you the ship sank. Merlin is the story of King Arthur. The ending is so well known it’s not actually a spoiler.
MAGIC says:
The best are merlin charmed supernatural and this one isn’t really fantasy but a series of unfortunate events
Tom Roberts says:
Grimm … check it out
Kai says:
I need more Merlinnn! Why did Arthur have to die? I can’t just pretend that Avalon High is it’s sequel forever!
Jackie says:
Amen!! We were so upset when they ended it like that. There was so much left that could’ve been done. They already deviated from the legends enough, and mentioned that everyone has multiple life paths quite a few times, that they really could’ve had Arthur survive and create that world they kept saying he was going to create. Or they could’ve even ended it with Gwen having a son and naming him Arthur. SOMETHING!
Sam says:
I just finished all 5 seasons of MERLIN and I loved it. Arthur, Morgana, Dwaine and Mordrid died it ended on a sweet sad note.
Ethaan says:
I can’t believe the shanara chronicles isn’t on here it’s a phenomenal show
Vivianne says:
i agree Ethaan i wish they would bring back Shanara Chronicles, or even a show similar i loved it bring back elves and fairies and troll, please
donna silva says:
They NEED to bring back Shanara Chronicles
claryfairchield says:
magicians deserves to be way higher up on this list
No says:
True it’s a great show
John says:
Dark Matter is another really good one and since there’s Jessica Jones on there, ya might as all try Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Shannon says:
Also checkout shadowhunters as well. Its so good!!!
Skyla says:
that show is really good!
Tawny says:
yikes i thought shadowhunter was really bad because the cgi was terrible and the acting was even worse
john says:
Shannara Chronicles is also good as dives into the narnia-like qualities that The Magicians also carry.
Zubia says:
Vampire diaries is my most favourite show among all these other shows…
Anonymouse says:
Sci-fi shows… Sure, sure. Vampires are sci-fi now. Sure.
Horde says:
It says sci fi and fantasy in the title….. Even then, though, Vampires are indeed science fiction as that is not just limited to technology but also biology.
Bryson says:
It’s a I-fi and fantasy-the 2 have been lumped together ever since book stores categorized them as such. Half the shows on here are fantasy in origin, magicians, etc. climb out from under the rock
Bryson says:
It’s sci-fi and fantasy-the 2 have been lumped together ever since book stores categorized them as such. Half the shows on here are fantasy in origin, magicians, etc. climb out from under the rock
Deb says:
Hi…just FYI…the actor on Star Trek:NG is Patrick Stewart…
Maitee Santos says:
Merlin was very good I want season 6 a lot people like it too
Eli says:
I want a season six for after Arthur dies. Honestly that was the saddest show ending I’ve ever seen.
Cara says:
I completely agree. Watching Merlin waiting for Arthur was heartbreaking… One of the best shows I’ve ever seen honestly.

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