The Best Female Overwatch Players [December 2019]

The hero shooter craze of multiplayer battle games may have been replaced by the battle royale genre, but that hasn’t stopped Overwatch from being one of the biggest games in the world. While the genre owns a tremendous debt of gratitude to Team Fortress 2 for paving the way for the idea of the hero-based online shooter, Overwatch has become one of the biggest games in the world on the strength of its gameplay alone. From the incredible, Pixar-like graphics to the tight gameplay and a wide selection of game modes included by Blizzard, it’s no wonder that Overwatch has retained such a major player base since its initial launch two years ago. With regular updates and the backing of a company as economically well-off as Activision-Blizzard, it’s no wonder that Overwatch has captivated the gaming community for far longer than any of its imitators.

With the success of the game, it’s no surprise that Blizzard made the move to create the Overwatch League, a professional eSports league dedicated to Overwatch with Blizzard’s full backing. First announced in 2016, the League was seen as an advancement of an already-popular game, designed to compete with the likes of Dota 2Call of Duty, and League of Legends in the ever-popular eSports genre of entertainment. With eSports leagues becoming mainstream with distribution deals through the likes of ESPN, it makes sense for Blizzard to try to get in on the ground floor. And by Blizzard controlling the League from the start, the company will have more control over the shape of the League to come.

As we ramp up into 2020, the Overwatch League is about to enter its third season beginning on February 8th, with 20 teams and 28 matches throughout the season. Despite an improved second season from OWL, the League hasn’t existed without its fair share of controversy. For example, during its first season, multiple players have been found making sexist, racist, and homophobic comments that caused players to be suspended for their actions, released from their team contracts, or at least received formal warnings from the League for causing havoc among the players.

One of the more controversial elements of the League sprang as stage one of the game’s inaugural season began, when spectators of Overwatch realized the League had yet to contract a female player. While some were quick to leap to the Overwatch League’s defense, citing that the game had only a few pro-level female players to begin with, it was still strange to see such a game become a boys-only club so fast. Though the first female player was signed to a team contract in stage two of season one, it was obvious that plenty of progress could still be made in future seasons of the game.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top female players in Overwatch today. When you’re looking for a good Overwatch player, you don’t just want someone good at the game. You want to look for someone who works well with others, especially if they happen to be on a team with them. You want someone who is good at multiple heroes, or at least, excellent at one or two. Someone who knows their position, knows how to be patient, and can react and adapt to a new situation at the drop of a hat.

Unlike our list of the top female Twitch streamers and YouTubers, it’s quite a bit more difficult to verify female Overwatch players, thanks to the anonymity that can easily come with playing games online. These seven personalities all have fairly large followings online, making it easy to find out their rankings, scores, and to watch some incredible gameplay from each of them. While we can’t guarantee they’re the best female players in the entire game, if you’re serious about watching some incredible Overwatch players, these seven are certainly players to keep an eye on in the future. In no particular order, let’s check out seven of the best female Overwatch players.

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