The Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10 [December 2019]

Recording your computer’s display can be a really handy way to share information or capture footage. Whether you’re recording gameplay for your YouTube channel, preparing to give a flashy presentation to your boss, or trying to create guides like this one, recording your Windows PC can be a really handy way to share information. Early screen recorders in the 2000s were either costly or recorded at a low quality, but as we head into 2020, there’s no shortage of excellent screen recorders.

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CamStudio is another screencast program that has had rave reviews. This is a freeware package available at this site. Click the Download button there and run the setup to open its window as below.


Then you can capture full-screen, specific region or window video recordings within your desktop with the software. In addition, you can also switch on an autopan option that enables the recording area to follow the cursor. With that option you can effectively record a smaller screen area whilst using full screen. CamStudio also enables you to customize the cursor in the recording. You can click Options > Cursor Options to open the window shown in the snapshot below. There you can select numerous custom cursors, highlight or remove the cursors for the recording.

The software has screencast annotation options. CamStudio includes options that enable you to add text to the recordings within balloons, memos and clouds. You can also add time stamps, captions and watermarks to video recordings. Another bonus is that CamStudio includes its own video player. That plays back the screencast after you save it. As such, you don’t need to open the videos in your default media player.


Ezvid is screencast software for Windows 10 that has a few novelties which elevate above a lot of the other alternatives. Open the software’s website and click the Get Ezvid Now button to save its setup and install. Then you can open the window below and start recording right away. The first novelty Ezvid has is that it includes a video editor. So you can edit the recordings without any separate video-editing software. You can edit the video speed, delete clips, add alternative audio and add text and images to the recording.

Another novelty is that Ezvid automatically saves your recorded video projects. It doesn’t include any save option for you to select. Videos all save in the same Ezvid folder, which you can quickly open by pressing the Load button. Ezvid has basic and more advanced options for screen recording. With the more advanced options, you can record videos within a specific capture area, with transparency or with webcam. Furthermore, you can also add extra annotations to the video when recording with the software’s draw tools.


Ezvid also enables you to send videos directly to YouTube. You can press an upload to YouTube button at the bottom right of the program’s window. Some extra YouTube fields are also included on the left of the video preview for you to fill out.

Our final suggestion for this list, Screencast-O-Matic is an interesting screen recorder primarily because it’s Web-based. This means you can run it from your browser with the latest version of Java, and it also has a desktop version. The freemium version enables you to publish the videos to YouTube and supports AVI, MP4 and FLV video formats. However, its recordings are limited to 15 minutes and it lacks annotation options unless you upgrade to the one-year Pro subscription. Consequently, Ezid, CamStudio and Icecream are better freeware alternatives.


That wraps up our guide to the best screen recorders you can find for Windows 10 in 2019 and beyond! Let us know in the comments which you prefer, and keep an eye out for our other Windows 10 guides—including how to supercharge your Windows 10 experience.

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Jim says:
Thanks, Matthew! I really appreciate your list. I also want to share my experience when it comes to screen recording. I am using the Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online. It works pretty well on both Mac and Windows (because I experienced using in both OS). I can record in high-quality. What I like about it is that I do not need to download and install so I can use it, instead, I can just go to their website and use the recorder anytime I want with a light launcher. You may give it a try and see how it can meet your needs. :)

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