The 65 Best Games on Steam [December 2020]

In 2020, there are more places to buy games on PC than ever before. The Epic Games Store, Origin, even streaming services like Google Stadia all offer their own takes on gaming marketplaces, but one store still reigns supreme. Steam continues to be the gaming community’s most valuable and vibrant online marketplace, no matter how many competitors arrive to take Valve head-on. Though Steam has seen its fair of controversy since launch, its massive site-wide sales and large community of gamers have helped keep it dominant. In all honesty, without Steam, PC gaming would likely not be where it is today.

We’re just a few short weeks away from the next Steam sale, which should arrive just in time for Christmas. That gives you plenty of time to add new games to your wishlist, or to clear out some of your backlog before the big sale. From massive, full-scale role-playing games to classic shoot ’em ups, competitive games for online play to local co-op multiplayer titles, we have something for every style of gamer looking for their new favorite game. These are some of the best titles on Steam for December 2020, listed in alphabetical order.

4 thoughts on “The 65 Best Games on Steam [December 2020]”

Avatar Christopher Street says:
Play “Mo: Astray”. Trust me.
Avatar Mark Recabo says:
CSGO is not included lmfaoo! Which is the top 1 played right now.
Avatar burningbum says:
counter strike has been on these lists for almost 20 years now so no. we all know what it is. and we should never mention it on these lists ever again
Avatar sven says:
Lmfao, doing actual journalism and having thoughts instead of just copying the list that steam outouts.
Avatar Allen says:
Supraland, you need to play it yesterday. It’s easily my game of the year. Has a free demo too.
Avatar Sam says:

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