The Best Pedometer Apps on Android [December 2019]

The average working person in America is too busy to spare any time for exercise. You don’t need us to tell you that that’s a bad thing, or that you really need to move around if you want to be in any kind of shape. Some lucky people happen to live near their workplaces, and can get in some exercise just by cycling or walking to the office. However, if you commute from home, you can still squeeze in a few minutes during the lunch break for a quick walk near your offices.

How do you find out if those little walks are adding up? More and more people are turning to pedometer apps to count how many steps they take in a day. There are a lot of these apps that you can install on your Android phone. A pedometer app relies on your phone’s geo-sensor to accurately monitor how many steps you have taken, the distance covered, and even estimate the number of calories burned. We spent several afternoons walking around in order to determine which pedometer apps on Android are the best for adding some fitness into your day, and now we’re finally ready to present our results. These are the five best Pedometer apps on Android.

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The third app on this list to be part of a bigger fitness brand, Runtastic Steps comes to us from Adidas. While the original Runtastic brand has been mostly retired in favor of promoting Adidas, their pedometer app continues to use the Runtastic branding. This app is best known for nudging its users to walk 10,000 steps every day, making it a perfect substitute for a human exercise buddy. The app has all the normal features of a pedometer app as well as the ability to calculate your speed. It also integrates nicely with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Sharing your daily walking statistics with your friends creates the necessary competitive spirit to keep you going. It is accurate and has an appealing purple interface that is pleasant to look at.

You might have heard of Noom, the all-in-one health and wellness app that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. While Noom is a fantastic way to lose weight and feel great, Noom Walk is focused primarily on tracking your steps as you walk throughout your day. This app has a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use interface. A big advantage of Noom Walk is that it doesn’t require GPS to function, which means it hardly drains your battery. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t accurate, though. Noom Walk lets you select a fitness routine from three different categories: Learning, Practicing, and Mastery. Whether you use Noom throughout your day or you prefer to stick to just using their pedometer app, this is a great option on Android.

Our final recommendation is an app that doesn’t come from a sports company or a larger company like Noom. Instead, Accupedo is one of the best basic step counters for anyone who wants to avoid some of the more complex features of the other apps. This app features intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithms that can effortlessly detect whether you are walking. It then counts the steps you have taken and the distance covered and stores the statistics in the phone for you to review later. The Accupedo app also contains a power-saving mode that extends your battery life. It hardly requires GPS for it to work, and has a beautiful user interface.

These are some of your best options if you need a running buddy on your Android phone. We’ve also got some exercise help for iPhone users; if you want to coordinate routes with your Fitbit, we’ve got you covered–or maybe yoga is more your speed?

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