How to Map Exercise Between Your Fitbit and the Fitbit iPhone App

Last time I talked about the Fitbit, we enabled the Caller ID feature. This post will show you the way to map your exercise travels between your Fitbit and the Fitbit app. This way, you can see your route and make note of your milestone markers. (Note: Again, I am using an iPhone as the test subject in this post.)

Enable Bluetooth, Location Services, and Background App Refresh

Before you even open your Fitbit App, you’ll need to turn on Bluetooth, Location Services, and Background App Refresh. (Yes, it is many steps, and I wish there were an easier way. When you have done it a couple of times, though, it will be easier to remember.)

  1. Open Settings > select Bluetooth > toggle Bluetooth button On.
  2. Tap back to the Settings screen > Scroll down and tap Privacy > Chose Location Services > switch button to On

Bluetooth and Privacy

  • In the Location Services list, scroll down to the Fitbit App and select it. Here you allow location access. The options are “Never,” “While Using the App,” and “Always.”  Naturally, choose either “While Using the App” or “Always.”  My recommendation is to select only “While Using the App” so it does not strain your battery.

location services Fitbit

  1. In Settings, select General > go down to Background App Refresh > Switch Background App Refresh button On > Scroll down to Fitbit and turn on the Background App Refresh button.

Background App refresh

Next, you are going to go to your Fitbit App on your iPhone to let it map your movement.

Open the Fitbit App

Once you have opened your Fitbit App, you are going to do a couple more steps before you can start your trek. (I know, by now you could have walked around the block already. Bear with me . . . we are close to completing all the necessary actions so that you can be on your way.)

  1. Open Fitbit App > go to Track Exercise and select it.
  2. Tap the stopwatch symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your iPhone screen.

Stop Watch

  • You are now on the Track / Log screen. If you tap “Log,” it shows you your recent activities, or you can search for an exercise type and add it to your list.
  1. To start tracking and mapping your path, tap the large red “START” circle on the bottom of your iPhone display. Now you can begin—happy trails!

Track Log screen

  • Note that at the top of the “Track” screen you can see your selected exercise.
  • Cues are voice cues from the App when you’ve reached a certain distance, time, average pace, split pace (since the last cue) and calories burned. You can select which ones you want to have announced. Or, you can select not to have those voice cues spoken to you by turning this function off.
  • You can tap and toggle on Music Control, if you wish to control your music playlist from the Fitbit.

Now you know all the steps needed to track your exercise and map it between your Fitbit and iPhone. It is a process, but one that you’ll get used to when you have done it a few times. Moreover, it is worth it to be able to keep track of your paths and routes to maintain a record of the best one that works for your routine.

Posted by Heather on March 11, 2016

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