Best Registry Cleaners for Windows 10

The registry is a Windows database that stores platform configuration settings and most software. You can open the Registry Editor window by pressing the Win key + R and then entering ‘regedit’ into Run’s text box, or open it with third-party software covered in this Tech Junkie guide. There you can add or delete registry entries, but it’s not recommended to manually erase anything with the Registry Editor. Registry cleaner software packages are utilities that scan for and erase less essential entries from the registry.

There are a few things to note about registry cleaner software. Firstly, registry cleaners will be more effective on outdated laptops and desktops with antiquated Windows platforms that don’t maintain the registry as efficiently as Win 10. Secondly, poorer registry editors might not boost system performance at all; and might even undermine it by deleting more essential registry entries. However, the better registry cleaners will at least erase registry entries left over from software you’ve removed; so they might free up a few megabytes of hard drive space and fix some issues. These are some of the best registry cleaners for windows 10 and other platforms.

Wise Registry Cleaner

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Wise Registry Cleaner is a utility software package that has had some glowing reviews. This utility has a freeware and Pro version, which is retailing at $19.95 on the publisher’s website. The main difference between the two versions is that Pro includes a multi-cleaner tool to scan all user accounts with. You can add this program to all the more recent Windows platforms from XP up by pressing the Free Download button on its home page.

Wise Registry Cleaner includes a registry cleaner and defrag tool. The utility enables users to configure each scan by selecting various registry area check boxes, such as software paths, application paths, file types, fonts, Start menu, shared DLLs and ActiveX components. Once the scans done, the software also highlights which registry entries are safe to erase. Aside from its scanning tools, the utility includes scheduling and backup options for registries so that you can schedule scans and back up the registry. In addition, WRC also comes with a System Tuneup tool with which you can optimize system settings.


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CCleaner is a system utility that millions use for registry and hard disk scans. This isn’t just a registry cleaner, but a more general utility software with various system tools. It has a freeware, Professional and Plus version, which is available at $30.99. The Plus version includes extra file recovery, defragmentation and hardware analysis tools. Note that this isn’t exclusively Windows software as you can also add it to Mac and Android platforms.

CCleaner might not have the deepest registry cleaner, but it’s still efficient and will erase DLLs, fonts, obsolete software, the MUI cache, application paths, applications, ActiveX components and more besides. Like Wise Registry Cleaner, it enables you to configure the scan beforehand. Aside from its registry options, you can also use CCleaner to free up hard disk space with its Cleaner tool. Plus the program includes a startup manager and uninstaller to remove software with. So this program has a wider variety of more general system maintenance options than most other registry cleaners.


RegistryCleanerKit is a registry cleaner for Windows that will boost system performance more significantly than most alternative utilities. This is just a registry cleaner, with no extra tools on top, but the publisher is currently also bundling a free SystemTweaker utility with the software. RegistryCleanerKit is proprietary software retailing at £16.95 on Uniblue’s website.

RegistryCleanerKit gives users a comprehensive overview of registry scans with summaries and more detailed reports. One more novel aspect of this software is that it also marks registry issues with priority levels highlighting which are the most essential to fix. The software includes a registry backup & restore option and a scheduler with which you can schedule scans. Users can also further refine what keys the software scans by setting up an ignore list. The program doesn’t have any extra system tools, but with the bundled SystemTweaker you can also customize the menus in Windows.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

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WinOptimizer is a bit more than a registry cleaner as it has more than 30 system tools for Windows. However, its registry cleaner will also give you a more notable system boost than most alternative software. This isn’t freeware as it’s retailing at $49.99 on the Ashampoo website, and there’s only one version of the software.

WinOptimizer is a straightforward registry cleaner that enables you to clean the registry in just a couple of steps. The latest WinOptimizer version has an enhanced Windows registry optimizer. The software has both a registry backup and restore option so that you can reverse scans if required. The utility also includes a defragment Windows registry tool. In addition, this software has many other extra tools you can use to optimize RAM, remove startup software, boost boot-up speeds, erase junk files, clear the cache and lots more besides. So WinOptimizer boasts a versatile suite of system tools that add more value.

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EasyCleaner is one of the best established and reliable registry cleaners for Windows. Plus it also has few extra tools on top. This is entirely freeware software that you can add to almost any Windows platform by clicking files/Eclea2_0.exe on this page. There’s also a portable version of EasyCleaner you can run from a USB drive.

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The EasyCleaner registry scanner primarily scans for invalid registry entries, which you can then delete to speed up Windows. Overall, it scans the registry fairly thoroughly. Users can also quickly revert a registry scan by pressing EasyCleaner’s Undo button. In addition to its registry cleaning, you can also erase duplicate files, remove software, optimize the startup, erase invalid shortcuts and check disk space usage with EasyCleaner’s extra tools.

Those are five of best registry cleaners for Windows. The utilities clean the registry more efficiently than most alternative software packages to free up disk space, fix registry errors and maybe speed up Windows a little as well. Most of those programs also include extra system optimization tools that will come in handy.

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