The 30 Best Sitcoms on Netflix [Fall 2020]

Having been in the era of “peak TV” for what seems like a full decade now, it can be difficult to manage all the shows you’re “supposed” to keep up with in the cultural zeitgeist. There are plenty of critically-acclaimed shows that tell dark tales, human stories that make you think and make you question your own personal actions, whether it be in the mundane or in the extraordinary. That kind of television can be deeply compelling, and indeed, it’s always a good idea to use art to challenge the way you think about the world. That said, sometimes you get home from a long day of work with one thought on your mind: relaxation. Sometimes dark storytelling simply isn’t what you’re looking for on a Tuesday night after your boss had you stay late at work. You need something easy on the mind, something to unwind with to end your day.

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While some will turn to the likes of cheap drama or a favorite movie, we recommend the classic sitcom for your viewing pleasure. The sitcom is one of the oldest television genres, built on the back of shows like The Honeymooners and the eternally-classic I Love Lucy. Sitcoms, like dramas, can be cheap and lazy, but the best shows find a middle-ground: something relaxing and comforting, but still smart enough to keep you entertained and occupied. Netflix is full of some classic and new sitcoms, and we’ve gathered thirty of the best to build out this list below. If you’re looking to add some comedy in your life, this is the best way to do it. In no particular order, let’s look at thirty of the best sitcoms on Netflix for fall 2020.

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Gary says:
Kim’s Convenience is fun with great characters.

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