May the 4th Be With You: The Best Star Wars Games of All Time

It’s May 4th, or Star Wars Day for the uninitiated. With all of the fanfare surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie, we wanted to take a moment to remember all of the great Star Wars games that have occupied our lives.

With EA now in charge of future games, and new games rolling out already, it’s time to look back at the games that consumed hundreds of hours of our lives and helped our sci-fi fantasies take shape. Without further ado, here’s the list of our personal favorites, spanning the last 23 years.

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30 thoughts on “May the 4th Be With You: The Best Star Wars Games of All Time”

Avatar Studer Andrew says:
Uh-huh…..No mention AT ALL for X-Wing Alliance…..Better then both X-Wing and Tie Fighter (In my opinon)…..Lame -.-
Avatar nikoliy says:
It should be on the list, third place after XW and TF :)
Avatar Nu nill never no says:
Battlefront(Battlefront 2, actually) is the best game ever made and anyone who disagrees with me is objectively wrong.
Avatar LD says:
I played the hell out of Shadows of the Empire, I loved it and its still definitely my favorite
Avatar Mike says:
I personally liked GCN’s Rogue Leader, myself. Then again, it had to be played with 5.1 and HD support, or it didn’t seem HALF as good as it actually was.
Avatar Ben Wahl says:
How is Battlefront 2 not on this list?!?!?! By far the best Stars Wars game
Avatar Lane Mock says:
Battlefront shouldve been much higher. The gameplay was amazing and the multiplayer was even better. It provided hours and hours of gameplay for me and my friends. Still one of my favorites today.
Avatar Hussain says:
Im glad Darkforces made the cut,

Sad about Republic commando not making the cut

Avatar Stephen Fergerson says:
Swtor should be on there! And I want to hear no BS about F2P. That’s not how the game was released nor is it how your supposed to play after lvl 10.
Avatar Rhett Betcher says:
N64… Pod Racer deserves a spot on the list
Avatar Thomas Lee Howard says:
Empire at War deffinatly deserves to be on this list.
Avatar LaSteve De'Antonio Yung says:
Where’s podracer?!?!?
Avatar Anthony Michalski says:
Am I the only one who loved dark forces? Where you had to fight the dark trooper & you played as kyle katarn? This should be on the list, great soundtrack but not the best graphics now. . But back then I played that game over & over until it broke then I went and bought a used copy to have for my star wars video game collection
Avatar LucasSW says:
One game/mod is missing: Star Wars: Movie Battles II, which is kinda best modification for Jedi Academy, it’s like whole new game.
Avatar MrRabbit says:
Kotor and swg(pre nge.) were my favorites by far. Never had a satisfying starwars game experience that could compare to these two.
Avatar DannyK says:
Force unleashed should’ve mait but more importantely, Battlefront 2>Battlefront 1
Avatar ambaryerno says:
Wait, wait, wait. Jedi Knight II is on the list, but NOT the original?! Fail.
Avatar Boba Fettuccini says:
Star wars: Galactic Battlegrounds was always my favorite.
Avatar Thomas Lee Howard says:
Have you tried Empire at War? If not I recommend it.
Avatar Ben Mudrow says:
No Jedi knight dark forces or dark forces 2?
Avatar cor2879 says:
I had Star Wars on the NES and it was a terrible game. Now, The Empire Strikes Back on NES was gaming gold.
Avatar pRohphet8 says:
I liked Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, similar to Age of Empires.
Avatar William Petersen says:
I used to eat sleep and breathe X-Wing and all the expansions! I really wish they would remake this one!
Avatar Gradynini says:
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II , should have been near the top. Excellent story, live cutscenes, the ability to choose your destiny and have radically different outcomes. Plus it had good enough multiplayer and a much easier modding mechanism that led to all kinds of replayability . Someone even made a high res mod that improved the graphics 3x .
Avatar Darth TARDIS. says:
Somewhat disappointed SWTOR isn’t on here. I realise it’s not the most popular MMO, but it’s an amazing Star Wars experience.
Avatar Dan Rizzo says:
This list is crap. Jedi power battles to me is number one.
Avatar Brandon Griffin says:
Battlefront 1 at spot 10, and 2 not even on the list? Blasphemy!
Avatar Jim says:
It’s an insult to not see Star Wars Galaxies on the list. Sad ass list..
Avatar Chris Artis says:
???? wtf no republic commandos that was one of my fave you left out a few more great ones too from the xbox (idk what else they were on)
Avatar Shayde says:
SWG pre-CU was awesome. Too bad they screwed that game up. Also, I think Xwing VS Tie was superior to the two because of multiplayer.
Avatar Emmanuel Chen says:
X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter and Rebellion should be on this list.
Avatar Zeeshan Qadri says:
Missed a couple of good ones: Republic Commando, Galaxies, Kotor II, Empire at War (Forces of Corruption?),

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