Best Ways to Unblock YouTube at School, Work and Home

Posted by RecomHub on February 1, 2015

After Facebook and Google, YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. But not everyone has access to the website and we’ll show you how to unblock YouTube at school, work and at home. YouTube is commonly used for watching shows, sports clips, or funny videos.

Getting YouTube unblocked will allow you to again spending time watching viral videos or upload some of your own home videos to the Internet. There are some conditions that certain websites are blocked from certain locations, like at school or at work (Read How to Unblock Websites at School and Work). If YouTube is  blocked at your office or school and want to know how to unblock YouTube, we’ll show you some of the best ways how to unblock YouTube. Here are the best ways to get Youtube unblocked and watch videos:


Using Free Proxy Server Websites (Youtube Proxies)

The easiest and fastest way to get YouTube unblocked is to use a Proxy server. Here is our list of the best free proxy servers that allows you to unblock YouTube without change locations or Internet connection anonymously without any hassle.

Using a free proxy server, while will be unblocking the website for and making the web surfing anonymous. All you need to do is go to the proxy website and enter URL of your desired webpage. This will let us to access any blocked website like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail etc.

All of the free proxy server website sites work in a similar to one another, there will be a input box on their sites in which you have to enter the web address of the site which you want to block ( youtube.com). When we hit enter, those online proxy sites will let us to access the site we entered. You can view our list of the best top 50 free proxy servers to unblock YouTube.


Here is the list of few top most Online proxy websites to open Youtube when its blocked.







Dont Filter




Using Virtual Private Networks to Unblock YouTube

VPN means “virtual private network”. A VPNs is a set of private networks that are connected to each other across the internet. These networks have connections that allow the computer to stay connected with each other through a network to send and receive data through other networks. When you use a VPN software, all it does is, to connect you with that Virtual private network, which will enable you to send and receive data from that virtual network. There are Hundreds of Paid and Free VPN services available on the internet.

You can learn how to use and set a VPN by reading this guide, here.




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