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How to Block Website Notifications in Firefox

How to Block Website Notifications in Firefox

Like most modern Web browsers, Firefox allows users to subscribe to website notifications. These notifications keep users up to date with the latest news and content from their favorite websites. The problem is that the way that Web notifications are currently implemented is that the website asks the user, who then has the option to accept or decline.
If you’re a fan of a particular website and want to subscribe to its notifications, then everything is great. But most users visit multiple websites each day, and it’s a safe bet that users don’t want to subscribe to notifications from every website. Indeed, some users may not want to subscribe to website notifications at all.
Instead of forcing users to decline notification requests at every website they visit, Firefox thankfully let users turn the feature off entirely by preventing websites from asking in the first place. Here’s how it works.

Block Notifications in the Firefox Preferences

First, make sure you’re running the latest version of Firefox, as the ability to block website notifications was only added in the recent Firefox Quantum release. You can download the latest version of Firefox from the Mozilla website.
Once you’re up and running, launch the Firefox preferences by choosing Firefox > Preferences from the menu bar in macOS:
firefox preferences mac
If you’re running Firefox for Windows, instead click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) and select Options:
firefox options windows
Either way, you’ll end up at the same screen in Firefox. Select Privacy & Security from the sidebar on the left and then scroll down until you see the section labeled Permissions. Find the entry for Notifications and click Settings.
firefox notification settings
This will show you the Settings window for Notification Permissions, which includes a list of every website for which you’ve set a notifications preference. Here, you can remove individual or all websites (which resets their notification option, meaning that it will ask you again the next time you visit) or change the status for individual sites from Block to Allow or vice versa.
firefox block notifications
To block all notifications, check the box at the bottom of the window labeled Block new requests asking to allow notifications. With this option checked, you’ll never see a notification request again on any of the websites you visit, including your favorite sites. Therefore, if you’d like to receive notifications from a select few websites and then never be pestered by the request again, leave this option unchecked, visit and subscribe to all of the sites for which you want notifications, and then return to Firefox’s preferences and enable the Block option. In this scenario, you’ll continue to receive website notifications from the sites you want, while being left alone on the sites you don’t.
Once you’ve made your choices, just don’t forget to click Save Changes at the bottom of the window. The changes will take effect immediately without the need to restart the browser. Note that these changes only affect Web notifications transmitted via Firefox. If you want to block notifications from other browsers like Safari and Chrome, you’ll need to perform similar steps for each.

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3 thoughts on “How to Block Website Notifications in Firefox”

Mike says:
Correct, this does not work for Firefox. I get endless prompts, many a day nagging me to update to a different version than the one I downloaded last week. Not quite to the level of MS and Win 10 where they just do it and say ***** ***, but getting there.
Nytyme says:
This doesn’t appear to be the case. I have had that setting checked since I got my new computer 2 months ago. Even with daily reboots, sometimes as many as 15 in one day, I still get begging popups in my firefox: Version 77.0.1 (64-bit)
Felicia says:
I got a popup notification from some weird unknown website. I just simply want to add it to a “block list” on my firefox browser. My only option is to disable ALL notifications, except some few that I hand select. I don’t want to necessarily do that. I think that’s a bit extreme. I don’t see a way to do that and that sucks.

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