Changing Huawei P10 Lock Screen

When it comes to someone’s smartphone, customization and personalization are very important. For most people, their smartphone is with them at all times, so it’s important that they feel like it actually represents them.

There are various ways of customizing your lock screen on your Huawei P10, if you so wish. It’s also a good idea to add different widgets and icons to your lock screen, since it’s the first thing you come across on your smartphone. It’s like the pocket edition of a PC desktop. Customizing your Huawei P10 lock screen not only makes it look more attractive, but also makes it even more usable. It is also possible to change the lock screen wallpaper of your Huawei P10 as well.

Simply open Settings and go to Lock Screen, and you will get a list of various features you can add to the lock screen of your Huawei P10. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory.

  • The Dual Clock– displays both the current and home time zones in case you’re traveling.
  • Clock size– makes the clock bigger or smaller.
  • Show the date– check this if you wish to have the current date displayed.
  • Camera shortcut– unlocks the camera.
  • Owner info-lets you add information to your lock screen, for instance Twitter handle, incase you misplace your Huawei P10.
  • Unlock effect– alters the whole look and feel of your Huawei P10 unlock effects and animations.
  • Additional information– here, you may add or delete weather and the pedometer information from your lock screen.

Changing your Huawei P10 lock screen wallpaper
Just like Huawei P8, the process of changing the wallpaper on your Huawei P10 is pretty much the same. All you have to do is touch and hold on an empty space on your home screen. This will activate the edit mode, where you can then add icons and widgets, manipulate the home screen settings, and change the wallpaper. Go to “Wallpaper,” and then hit “Lock screen.’’

Huawei P10 has got several wallpaper options for your lock screen, but you are provided with an option where you can always hit “More images” and choose from any image that you want to, as long as it’s saved on the phone. Once you have selected your image, press the “Set Wallpaper” key. And just like that, you’re done!

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