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How To Clear Cache On OnePlus 5

How To Clear Cache On OnePlus 5

Users of the OnePlus 5 have been complaining of facing some issues that are common to Android phones. There is no need to be worried, because these issues are easily fixed by some troubleshooting methods. These methods are easy, quick and effective. The best methods to fix software are with a complete a factory reset or by wiping the cache.
It is advisable to wipe the cache of your device whenever you device is freezing or the apps are not responding well. The guide below will teach you on how to delete data from the cache on OnePlus 5.

Cache Explained

You will need to know the definition of a cache and what it does before you can know whether to wipe it or not. The new OnePlus 5 comes with two caches. There is an app cache for each app, then a system-wide cache. The app cache stores temporary data that makes it easy to switch between one app to another. The system cache handles the Android OS of your OnePlus 5. if you are experiencing glitches on your OnePlus 5, I will advise that you clear your cache to solve the issue.

Clearing App Caches on the OnePlus 5

For issues that are affecting just an app, I will suggest that you wipe cache. Follow the instructions below to learn how to clear the app cache.

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 5
  2. Locate Settings and click on App Manager
  3. Choose an app for which you’d like to clear its cache
  4. Select Info
  5. Choose Clear Cache
  6. To delete all app cache go to Storage under your main Settings
  7. Go to Cached Data, then choose delete

This will clear all app data including stored passwords and settings. Your files will be safe, however. You’ll need to log back in to any app after clearing its cache, but your photos, documents and other files won’t be deleted.
When Clearing the App Cache Doesn’t Help
If the issue continues after clearing the wipe cache partition on your OnePlus 5, the next line of action is to reboot the device. It’s crucial to point out that you should make sure you backup all your files on your OnePlus 5 before you carry out the reboot process to prevent loss of important data. If the issue still occurs after rebooting your device. Then I will suggest that you carry out a system cache wipe. Make use of the tips below to understand how you can clear system cache wipe on your OnePlus 5.  

How You Can Clear the System Cache on the OnePlus 5:

Follow this link for a detailed guide on how to Wipe the Cache Partition of your OnePlus 5.
But if the problem still shows up after trying all the tips above, the next thing to do is to factory reset the OnePlus 5

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