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How To Connect OnePlus 5T To TV

How To Connect OnePlus 5T To TV

You may want to know how to connect the OnePlus 5T to your TV if you own the OnePlus 5T smartphone. The OnePlus 5T can easily display its contents on a big screen like HD Smart LED TV. The whole process to connect your OnePlus 5T to a TV is simple and easy with the correct software and hardware. It’s possible to connect directly with HDMI or other cables, but the easiest way is to connect wirelessly. This requires one extra piece of hardware. Below we’ll explain the easy method on how to connect your smartphone to a TV.

Connect OnePlus 5T To TV: Wireless Connection

Just follow the 3-easy steps below to connect OnePlus 5T to TV wirelessly:

  1. Buy the OnePlus Allshare Hub and hook it up to your television with an HDMI cable
  2. Ensure that the AllShare Hub and your OnePlus 5T are connected to the same wifi network
  3. Under settings, activate screen mirroring

Hint: You do not need to purchase the Allshare Hub if you use the OnePlus SmartTV.

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