Creating A New Save In Super Mario Odyssey Without Wiping Off Old Save Data

If you have played games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your Nintendo Switch, you might still remember that you are only allowed to save one single file on an account. There was a time that a friend of mine started a game on it and he forgot to delete the old data.

I’m sure you will be excited to know that the Super Mario Odyssey is different. You and your friends can have up to five different saved files. This makes it possible for your friends to have their own save ton your account.

In this article, I will explain how you can save and load multiple files on your Super Mario Odyssey. So if you have been trying to understand how you can go about this, then this article is the right one for you!

Creating a New Save in Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has been known for making great games, and the good news about the Super Mario Odyssey is that you can easily save in a file on it. You can follow the instructions below to understand how you can save a new file in Super Mario Odyssey.

  1. From your home menu, launch the Super Mario Odyssey game
  2. Click on New Game from the main menu
  3. Choose Start

Once you have done that, a new save will be automatically created for the new game that you just started.

Loading an Old Saved File in Super Mario Odyssey

There are two ways of loading an already saved file on Super Mario Odyssey, the first method is by selecting Resume on the main menu of Super Mario Odyssey, this will automatically load the last game that was played, but if you like to load a different game, then you will have to follow these steps

  1. From the main menu, locate Options and select it
  2. Tap on Data Management
  3. Choose Load
  4. Choose the save data that you wish to load, and you can start playing

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