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Current Free DoorDash Delivery Codes [March 2020]

Current Free DoorDash Delivery Codes [March 2020]

Everybody likes discounts, especially when one of your favorite food delivery apps offers them.

It’s an excellent way to gain the trust of new customers and show appreciation towards loyal, long-time clients – and the DoorDash company knows it. They have several deals they offer to their customers, and there are new ones every month. If you’re interested in using a promo code, but you’re not sure where to find it or how to check if it’s valid or not, keep reading this article to find out!

Currently Available Free Delivery Promo Code

To get a free delivery form DoorDash, you can currently use the PA8 promo code.

According to the Giving Assistant website, multiple promo codes are available at the present moment. This website also allows you to see how many times people used a coupon and if it’s verified.

For example, in February 2020, you were able to type in a code that took 25% off your first order over $20. Before that, you could get a $5 discount on any order over $15. So, our advice is to keep checking this and similar websites to find out about the promo codes that get you free delivery or a discount.

A Current Free DoorDash Delivery Code

Year-Round Promotions at DoorDash

There are also several ongoing promotions that don’t have an end date. Whenever you decide to start ordering from DoorDash, you can opt for some of them.

If you’re ordering from a restaurant for the first time and your order is over $15, your delivery is free. This is great for both customers and restaurant owners. While the benefits for the customers are apparent, how is this good for other parties? Well, the app gives priority to the restaurants that opt for this discount, so they’re among the first ones a customer sees when they open the app. According to the data from DoorDash, this promotion has boosted sales for restaurants significantly.

Another ongoing promotion has to do with retaining customers. If you haven’t ordered from a restaurant in more than 45 days, you can get a 20% discount ($5 at most). This promotion is called Order and Save, and you can use it only once for one restaurant.

DoorDash also has a referral program. When you’ve been using the app for a while, you may get an invitation to this program. You also get a code that you can use to invite your family and friends to use the app. Every time a person refers to you when they make their first order, you get a $7 discount. To access this option, launch the app, tap on Account and select Refer Friends, Get $7.

How to Use a Promo Code

To order food via DoorDash, you need to create an account. Download the app and enter the details. It won’t take more than a minute to do so. If you already have an account, type in your email and password and log in.

To make your order, you need to enter your address so the app can show the offer available to you. Pick a restaurant, find what you’d like to eat, and proceed to checkout.

In the next screen, after confirming your order and entering the delivery information, type in the promo code.

Free DoorDash Delivery Code March 2020

When You’re Not in the Cooking Mood

DoorDash orders can be a lifesaver for all those nights when you don’t feel like going out, and you’d rather stay in and curl up on your couch binge-watching your favorite TV show. Everyone has those lazy days when they can’t be bothered to cook, but it doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on food delivery. Clearly, DoorDash had this in mind when they created these coupons.

Have you already used a DoorDash coupon? How often do you order via this app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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