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Dropped OnePlus 5 In Water (Solution)

Dropped OnePlus 5 In Water (Solution)

Water damage is a common problem OnePlus 5 users encounter. The good news is that your water-damaged smartphone can be fixed and restored if it has gotten wet. You have some options to save your OnePlus 5 from permanent damage if you have gotten your Smartphone wet. The instructions below will give you the best chance of avoiding water damage to your OnePlus 5.

Power Down

Switch off your OnePlus 5. Turning off your phone will help protect your device from short-circuiting in the hardware. You can remove the battery of your device to instantly shut down your Android device.

Open Your Water Damaged OnePlus 5

Open the case and let airflow inside your OnePlus 5 is one of the best ways to help fix your water-damaged phone. Find instructions for opening your OnePlus 5 by checking out

Remove Water

Eliminate as much water as possible by tilting, shaking, or blowing air into the OnePlus 5. You can prevent any further damage that can happen to your device when you remove the water.

Check to Confirm if Water Damage Fix Has Worked

Attempt turning on the OnePlus 5 and see if the phone functions well after it seems like your smartphone has become dry. Several tests for this include charging the phone battery to see if it holds a regular charge. You can sync your device to your Windows or Mac computer to see if your phone will respond. You can also try replacing the old battery with a new battery to see if the new battery will work correctly.

Dry It

You can reduce the amount of damage by drying your cell phone to speed up the process of removing the water from your water damaged OnePlus 5. There are several better methods to absorb the water out of your electronic device rather than using the rice method to absorb the water that many attempts with water damaged OnePlus 5. Below we explain some of these tricks.

  • Open Air. The water absorption of eight separate materials including silica gel and rice were compared. None of these materials was as effective as leaving the electronic device in an open space (like a countertop) with proper air ventilation.
  • Instant rice or instant couscous is an acceptable substitute for silica. These absorbed water much faster than conventional rice during our test. Instant oatmeal also works too but makes a mess of your electronic device.
  • Silica Gel. The best drying agent is known as silica gel that you can see in the pet aisle of the grocery store as style cat litter.

You can still sell your broken water damaged cell phone if all of those methods to fix your water damaged OnePlus 5 didn’t work. Remember to keep your SD cards, and SIM card. These contain vital information like contact, files and other sorts of data. This can be valuable and save you time when getting a new smartphone.

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