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The Five Best Gaming Desks [February 2020]

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The Five Best Gaming Desks [February 2020]

Whether you’re a streamer, casual gamer, developer, or a pro gamer, you can’t fully enjoy any game unless all your gear and peripherals are within the optimum range of one another. Visual cues outside your display also matter. So, to make everything come together nicely and feel more comfortable, a proper gaming desk is a must-have in your arsenal.

01 ApexDesk Elite Series – Best Motorized Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series – Best Motorized Gaming Desk

If you’re the type that fidgets a lot on your chair and uses different positions depending on what game you’re playing, then adjustability might be the biggest draw in a gaming desk. The ApexDesk Elite Series is available in 60” and 71” sizes and comes with one of the smoothest adjustable lift systems.

Its speed of 1.5” per second is impressive, and the quiet dual-motor operation is very convenient. You can adjust the desk between 29” to 48”, which gives you tons of range. Furthermore, this desk is as solid as they come, given the one-piece industrial steel frame and solid MDF top.

Between the weight capacity of up to 225lbs, plenty of space, sophisticated finish, and position memory controller, the ApexDesk Elite Series can satisfy most of your gaming setup needs. It can also ease any strain on yourself when you need an adjustment.


  • Fast and quiet dual-motor lift.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Solid frame and desktop.
  • The memory controller has 4 customizable programs.
  • Intuitive assembly process.


  • Weighty pieces.
  • Only suitable for larger rooms.


  • Price $599.99
  • Dimension 60" x 28" x 1"
  • Material Engineered Wood
ApexDesk Elite Series – Best Motorized Gaming Desk

02 EWIN 2.0 Gaming Desk – Best RGB Gaming Desk

EWIN 2.0 Gaming Desk – Best RGB Gaming Desk

RGB is not something you need as a gamer as it won’t boost your gear’s performance. But it’s just become such a big part of custom computers, gaming room designs, that it’s a shame not to consider an RGB gaming desk.

The EWIN 2.0 Gaming Desk is easily the king of gaming desks with integrated RGB lighting. It’s a carbon fiber desktop sitting on a foldable aluminum R-frame. The quality of the build is impressive, and so is its installation.

The surface of the desktop is 47.2”x26.8,” which is enough for a widescreen or two-display setups. RGB lighting strips are used on the R-frame and around the sides of the desktop. That will give you plenty of coverage. On top of that, the desk also features a cup-holder and cable management holes for a clutter-free setup.


  • Built-in RGB strips.
  • RGB controller.
  • Two cable management grommets.
  • Carbon fiber finish.
  • Easy to install and adjust R-frame legs.


  • Limited height adjustability.
  • It doesn’t have too many RGB programs.


  • Price $399
  • Dimension 26.8 x 48 x 30 inches
  • Material Metal
EWIN 2.0 Gaming Desk – Best RGB Gaming Desk

03 Respawn 2010 Gaming Desk – Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Respawn 2010 Gaming Desk – Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

The Respawn 2010 Gaming Desk caters to a particular crowd. This desk allows multi-monitor setups that are of specific interest to streamers and other content creators. That’s because it has ample space for multiple accessories and secondary monitors. Also, it’s a real space saver if you can place it in the corner of a room.

Although it doesn’t have the highest weight capacity, the stability of the desk is nothing short of impressive. The raised central monitor shelf should allow you to keep your main screen at eye level. You can add other displays to the sides, which will be at a lower level. It should prevent you from getting distracted.

The steel tube frame looks cool, and the 66.25”x66.25”x29.5” dimensions should provide more than enough room for all your gaming devices and peripherals. The desk also comes with a gray finish or with green highlights that give it a more gaming desk feel.


  • Ergonomic space-saving design.
  • Massive storage space for peripherals.
  • Professional finish.
  • It has beveled front edges for additional comfort.
  • Affordable for its size.


  • Only a 200lbs weight capacity.
  • Lengthy assembly process.
Respawn 2010 Gaming Desk – Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

04 DXRacer GD/1000/NE – Best Ergonomics and Wire Management Gaming Desk

DXRacer GD/1000/NE – Best Ergonomics and Wire Management Gaming Desk

Ergonomics are essential, but then so is wire management. When you can get the best of both worlds, there’s little room for debate left. The DXRacer GD/1000/NE is a perfect example of why the manufacturer that makes some of the best gaming chairs also makes gaming desks.

This desk features an R-frame with steel rod legs, a wooden desktop with an ABS finish as well as a 10-degrees slope to ease the pressure off your forearms. The desk is surprisingly big too at 47.30”x31.50”x31.50”, so there will be plenty of room for gear and peripherals.

You may also appreciate the larger openings that can handle a multitude of wires and cables of various diameters. The fact that it comes with a splash of color, too, makes it that much more attractive in a gaming room.


  • Great cable management.
  • Angled desktop for added comfort.
  • Sturdy steel rod legs.
  • Sufficient space for dual display setups.
  • 360-degrees rotatable.


  • Not the most stable R-frame design.
  • It has limited color options.


  • Price $399.00
  • Dimension 47.30"(l)×31.50"(w) × 14.57"(h)
  • Material Wood
DXRacer GD/1000/NE – Best Ergonomics and Wire Management Gaming Desk

05 Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Ultrawide Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Ultrawide Gaming Desk

If you have plenty of floor space and you want to immerse yourself in games, an ultrawide gaming desk might be the best option. The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is 5’3” in width, which is more than enough for a three-display setup.

The desktop also offers plenty of depth so that you won’t have to have your eyes glued to the screens. One of the best things about this desk is not necessarily its size but rather its water-resistant desktop surface, which also acts as a smooth mouse pad.

You can also adjust the height of the desk and choose between five colors, including vibrant versions of the graphics in red, green, and blue, all on a black background. This desk has a 176lbs capacity. That said, if you only need it for monitors and some audio peripherals, this is more than enough.

Another exciting aspect is the intuitive three-stage assembly process and simple feet adjustments for setting up the appropriate height. And, you’ll also find excellent cable management features along the frame.


  • Very roomy ultrawide design.
  • Microfiber cloth mouse pad included.
  • The table can handle spills.
  • Simple assembly process.
  • Available in multiple vibrant color patterns.
  • It has Hidden cable management with netting.


  • Not the highest weight capacity for its size.
  • May need cable extensions for proper cable management.


  • Price $341.28
  • Dimension ‎32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
  • Material Metal
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk – Best Ultrawide Gaming Desk


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