Sim Not Provisioned Mm2# – Fixed!

Smartphones need SIM cards to communicate. Without it, your mobile devices are merely app and game consoles with WiFi. Sometimes, users encounter a problem with their mobile phones, where it returns a “SIM Not Provisioned mm2#” error. This results to inconveniences since you will not be able to use your phone for texting or making calls when this error occurs.
This error happens as a result of different circumstances. However, it is a good thing that most of the reasons why your SIM card is not recognized is easily repairable. You can even troubleshoot it yourself! Simply follow the steps provided below in this guide.
The “Sim not provisioned MM2#” error is quite common. It may occur under one or more of these scenarios:

  • You are using a recently purchased smartphone and a new SIM card
  • You have recently transferred your Contacts from your phone to a new SIM card
  • Your service provider is temporarily unavailable (in this case, you may wait for a while until it is restored)

Before trying out the steps in troubleshooting this SIM card error, make sure to try rebooting your phone first. Usually, this solves the problem as the error usually disappears when the device is turned off and then back on again.

Troubleshooting Tips for Sim Not Provisioned Mm2# Error

You may try solving the “SIM not provisioned Mm2#” error. To do this, follow the steps cited below:

  1. Switch your mobile phone off
  2. Open the rear of your phone. Every device uses different mechanisms in opening the back cover, so you may check your phone’s manual to see how this is done
  3. Locate your phone’s SIM card slot. Some devices have this on the side of the phone, while others have it under the phone’s battery
  4. Dislodge the SIM card from the slot, then return it after a few seconds. Make sure you are able to place the SIM card back properly, an icon beside the slot shows the proper method of doing this

By following the steps above, your SIM card will now be usable. However, if after troubleshooting your phone, it still returns an error, it may be that the SIM itself is defected. You can contact your service provider or your device technicians.

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