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How to Fix Lens Scratches in your VR Headset

How to Fix Lens Scratches in your VR Headset

The scratches are just Happy Little Accidents, and here’s how you fix them

The goggles of your VR headset are the most impactful when damaged. These lenses may be scratched easily, whether they are made of glass or plastic, since they may be particularly soft. Replacing this part is not cheap. So, if your VR headset hasn’t been handled carefully, chances are it’s got a few scratches. Scratches are not a big deal for some, although having them on your viewing deck can be extremely annoying. It is the worst part where you can get a scratch on.

But don’t fret. Below are some tips and tricks on getting rid of these scars.

Set your Headset up for Repair – Clean It First

Don’t get too excited on repairing those scratched VR goggles. Handling them takes time and a certain level of delicacy. So before we start exploring your options, first make sure that the surfaces of your devices are all clean, especially the lenses.The things you’ll need are a dry microfiber cloth, compressed air can, and some alcohol.

  1. Using the compressed air can, blow away all dust and dirt off of your device. The compressed air can helps target holes or edges that cannot be otherwise reached by usual cleaning cloth.
  2. Disinfect the headset by wiping with alcohol or anti-bac pads.
  3. Wipe your device dry by wiping with dry microfiber cloth. This helps dry the device fast without scratching it.

Now that you have a clean surface you may proceed to the options below.

Repair Options

Home Remedy Using White Toothpaste

If you are not able to make a run for the store and buy some cleaning solutions or wait for an Amazon delivery for a few says, there is one household product you can use to clean those goggles right there in your bathroom. It is the all-white toothpaste you use to take care of you and your families’ teeth. Keep in mind though, that toothpaste only works on lightly-scratched surfaces. Deep dents will not be removed using this solution, instead you will have to look into other options. The things you will need for this process are the following: a toothpaste tube, Q-Tips, paper towel and microfiber cloth.

  1. After your device has been cleaned thoroughly, you may begin by putting a dab of toothpaste on your lenses, then spreading it to coat evenly using Q-Tips.After you have ensured your device is clean and dry, go ahead and put a coat of the white toothpaste on your lenses evenly, then let it set for one or two minutes.
  2. After that, use another Q-Tip to massage the scuffed and scratched areas in small circles.
  3. You can test the surface if you are satisfied with the smoothness by wiping away some of the toothpaste using a Q-Tip. If 3 to 5 minutes have passed and the results are not yet satisfying, you can check out other options presented above.
  4. Now that the scratches are gone, you may start cleaning up. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe away excess toothpaste from the lens. If some of the paste has gotten into the small holes or cracks on your headset, you may use a Q-Tip or the air compressor to clean those out.
  5. Clean the headset up by following the steps above. You may also check out some protection options to avoid having scratches on your lenses.

Use Meguiars ScratchX

If you do not like putting toothpaste on your headset, or are just willing to spend a few extra bucks on a scratch-removing product, Meguiars ScratchX might be for you. It is specifically made for scratches and scuffs on vehicles, but it works effectively on VR Headsets, according to some people who have tried it out. Using it also involves less work than a toothpaste. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to get this done.

  1. Coat your lense with Meguiars ScratchX after cleaning and drying your VR goggles.
  2. Gently massage the ScratchX on your lenses using a Q-Tip. Focus on areas that have been scratched or scuffed.
  3. Wipe away the remaining paste on your VR headset with a cloth or Q-Tips on those parts that are hard to reach.

You have now cleaned up those annoying scratches on your VR Headset. You can buy a Meguiars ScratchX on Amazon or at Walmart.

Fixing lens scratches on your VR Headset

If the above home methods do not work, it may be that the scratches are too deep and cannot be removed by yourself. You may check out your Headset’s warranty if you have bought it from the following stores:

Your device might still be covered by a warranty and you can have it easily replaced or repaired.

Protecting your VR Headset from Lens Scratches

If you have just received your VR Headset, or just had it repaired or cleared of scratches, you can check on some ways to protect it from acquiring scratches in the future. To protect your device, you can use screen protectors. These protectors work pretty much like your phone screen protectors, and help prevent scratches acquired from dropping or scuffs. Avoid the hassle of repairing your screen by using PlayStation VR,  HTC Vive VR or Watch Screen Protectors from Amazon.

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