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Fixing LG G6 Crashing And Freezing Problem

Fixing LG G6 Crashing And Freezing Problem

The new LG G6 smartphone is widely regarded as one of the best smartphone releases of 2016. However, many LG G6 users reported to the device crashing and freezing independent of the app they were then using. Our guide below explains how you can fix the LG G6 crashing problem.
There will be many possible reasons as to why your LG G6 device will freeze and eventually crash. It is however recommended that you update your LG G6 to the latest software before attempting any of our fixes below. If this doesn’t solve your problem, follow our guide below on how to fix your LG G6 problem of crashing and freezing.
Try factory resetting your LG G6
If you can’t nail the problem on your LG G6, you could try resetting your LG G6 to its factory settings. This resets removes all your saved data and applications, including the Google account settings. Therefore, it is important to back up all your important information first before resorting to reset your device. Read the following guide on how to reset your LG G6 to its factory settings.
Memory issues
If you fail to restart your LG G6 smartphone for several days, your apps start to freeze and crash. This is mostly caused by a memory glitch. This means that you could solve your problem by simply restarting your smartphone. If this doesn’t fix your issue, try this;

  1. Go to the Home screen
  2. Press on Apps
  3. Hit on Manage Applications
  4. Press on the App that keeps crashing
  5. Hit “Clear Data” and then “Clear Cache”

Remove defective apps
Some defective 3rd party applications will sometimes cause your LG G6 to crash. Before you can download these 3rd party apps, it is advisable that you first read the reviews of the app in Google Play Store and see if others are experiencing similar problems. Because LG cannot fix the stability of 3rd party apps, it comes down to the developer to improve their own applications. If the said app has not been fixed after a while, it is advisable that you delete the faulty app.
A lack of memory
Sometimes an app will freeze or crash since your device does not have enough memory to support the app. This will ultimately affect the functionality of the app and your device as well. You can try removing some media files and the files you don’t frequently use to free up some internal memory.

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