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Hard Reset Huawei P10 (Guide)

Hard Reset Huawei P10 (Guide)

If you recently acquired a Huawei P10 smartphone and noticed an unresponsive behavior or simply something plainly wrong with it, then the most advisable thing to do is to perform a hard reset of your device back to its default settings. You should however note that a hard reset will delete all your data, downloaded apps and personalized settings from your smartphone. Therefore, you may be well advised to always ensure that you have backed up your data to prevent any data loss. To back up your data, simply go to Settings> Backup & Reset. If you wish to back up the remainder of your files, ensure you have a 3rd party app any other service that can save on the cloud.


Hard resetting your Huawei P10: Method 1

  1. Power ON your Huawei P10
  2. From the Home screen, hit on ”menu” then open ”settings.
  3. Hit Backup & Reset then reset your device
  4. Hit “erase everything” and confirm your choice.


Hard resetting your Huawei P10: Method 2

  1. Power OFF your Huawei P10
  2. Hit and hold the Power, Home and the Volume Up keys at the same time. Then wait until you see the Huawei logo.
  3. From the recovery mode menu, hit “factory reset/wipe data” using the Volume Down key to highlight and the Power key to select.
  4. Press ‘Yes-delete all data’ to approve the process
  5. Then press ‘ restart system now’



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