How To Change Time In OnePlus 3

For those that own an OnePlus 3, you may want to know how to change time and date. The OnePlus 3 time and date allows you to know what day and time it is withouth having to wear a watch.

Some may want to change and edit the time and date on the OnePlus 3 because the smartphone doesn’t always automatically makes these changes when flying into different time zones or during daylight savings. This is especially true when you don’t have a cell phone or wireless connection, thus the OnePlus 3 can’t connect to the server to make the necessary changes. Below we’ll explain how to change time and date on the OnePlus 3.



How To Change Time And Date On OnePlus 3

  1. Turn on your OnePlus 3.
  2. With one finger, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  3. Select on Settings.
  4. Browse and select on Date and Time.
  5. You can turn off the automatic update by the network, by selecting Automatic Date and Time.
  6. Select on Set Date.
  7. Change the date using the arrows and then select on Set.
  8. Select on Set Time.
  9. Change the time using the arrows and then select on Set.




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