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How To Double Jump On Super Mario Run

How To Double Jump On Super Mario Run

If you’ve started playing the Super Mario Run game, there’s a few tips and tricks that you should know to have a better experience. These tricks and tips for Super Mario Run include the ability to Double Jump and Slide to gain an advantage when playing the game. Read the details below to learn how to Slide and Double Jump on Super Mario Run.



Before we get into Double Jumps for Super Mario Run, you first need to know how to do the standard jump. All you need to do is tap on your screen to jump. If you tap and hold on the screen, you’ll have a longer/higher jump. The game will automatically have Mario avoid small gaps, obstacles and tiny enemies.

Double Jump

Now comes the part where you learn how to Double Jump on Super Mario Run. The way that this works is that when Mario goes to jump on a wall, you can then tap again to jump and change the jumping direction, thus creating a double jump for Super Mario Run. If you Wall Jump several times in a row, you’ll be able to start climbing obstacles.


Who Are All The Friends/Characters On Super Mario Run?:

  • Mario: Even thought Mario can’t be his own friend, he’s the main character of the game and you start off playing the game with him.
  • Luigi: Unlike Mario, Luigi can jump a little higher than Mario. You can unlock Luigi when you build him a home in Kingdom Builder.
  • Yoshi: A great thing about Yoshi in Super Mario Run is that you can use his brings his flutter jump to cover more distance after jumping.
  • Toad: One of the best things about Toad is his speed and how fast he can run. But besides that Toad isn’t really good for anything else. You can unlock Toad by signing into your Nintendo account.

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