How To Fix LG G5 Not Charging Grey Battery Problem

Most of the LG G5 smartphones are problem free, but some have reported have the LG G5 not charging correctly. With this issue, many want to know how to fix LG G5 not charging- grey battery issue. Some users have reported that the phone is vibrating while showing this grey battery symbol. One user reported that he started to face LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem after his phone dropped from his hand.


Reasons of LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem

The main reason why LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem is because of a damaged charging port or cable. Another reason could be because there could be debris or dust in the charging port and doesn’t allow for a proper connection.


Solutions to fix LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem:

Clean USB Port

If the LG G5 falls and you start to face LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem, then there could something blocking the connection to the LG G5. It could be debris, dirt or lint that stops the connection. A good way to fix this issue is by placing a small needle or paper click and move it around in the USB charging port to get everything out. The majority of the time, this is the main issue when the LG G5 is not charging properly. But it’s important to note that when cleaning the USB port, be careful not to damage anything and clean it out gently.


Changing Cables

The first thing to check when the LG G5 not charging properly and a grey battery is showing is to check and make sure the charging cable is working correctly. It could be that the charger cable has been damaged and needs to be replaced. To fix the grey battery problem on LG G5 think about getting a new LG G5 cable charger here.


Remove LG G5 Battery

Some users reported that they have found solution of the LG G5 not charging- grey battery problem by taking out the battery from the phone. This method is much harder compared to previous Galaxy models.


Complete a Low Battery Dump

Another way of fixing this problem is to Clean System dump

  1. Turn on the LG G5
  2. Go to Dialer
  3. Type in *#9900#
  4. Scroll down and select “Low Battery Dump”
  5. Select on Turn On
  6. Complete a Wipe Cache Partition


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