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How to Merge Multiple Google Docs Into One

How to Merge Multiple Google Docs Into One

Google Docs is a popular cloud-based word processor that makes sharing and collaboration a breeze. But, when you work on a lengthy project, merging all its bits and pieces into a single document becomes essential. While linking documents in Google Docs is easy, merging them is not. But why merge multiple Google Docs into one when you can copy-paste content? Also, do you need an additional tool for merging documents in Google Docs? Let’s find out!

What Is Document Merging?

Document merging refers to combining two or a set of documents into a single one. It is helpful when you have related documents or information scattered across multiple files. Merging such related files helps organize the information in a more structured and accessible way. It will also help reduce the files you need to manage and keep information centralized while keeping the original formatting and visuals intact.

Note that you can move Google Drive files to a new account, but there is no dedicated option in Google Docs to merge document files. However, you can use an add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace to achieve this.

How to Merge Multiple Google Docs Files Using Google Sheets

Document Merge for Google Docs makes it easy to merge multiple documents without moving bullet points in Google Docs and keeping your formatting intact. Note that the plugin relies on Google Sheets to merge the Docs files.

How to Setup a Spreadsheet to Merge Documents

Before you use this tool, remember that the free version will allow you to merge only the first five documents you add to your Google Sheet. If you need to merge several documents, go for the Pro version, which allows you to combine up to 200 documents.

With the pro version, you can merge all documents saved in a Google Drive folder by adding the folder link to the Google Sheet. Also, remember that even with the Pro version, your final Google Docs file cannot contain more than 1.02 million characters, which is the maximum character limit.

  1. Install the Documents Merge add-on for your Gmail or Workspace account
  2. Then, go to Google Drive.
  3. Click New just above the left-hand menu.
  4. Hover on Google Sheets and click Blank Spreadsheet.
    New spreadsheet option in Google Drive
  5. Click Extensions from the top menu.
  6. Hover on Document Merge for Google Docs and click Merge Google Docs from the popup options.
    Merge Google Docs option in Google Sheet
  7.  Click Setup Spreadsheet from the MergeGoogleDocs popup.
    Setup Spreadsheet option in Google Sheets

How to Merge Documents using the Spreadsheet

Once you choose Setup Spreadsheet, this tool will set up a spreadsheet with four tabs: ActiveList, Results, Meta Attributes, and Output Details. Among these, you can use the ActiveList tab to list URLs of all the documents you want to merge and go to the Result tab to find the link to the resulting document once you have merged them.

The output details tab is only available for premium users, whereas free plan users can still use some attributes in the meta attributes tab. So, if you are a free plan user, you can still go to the Meta Attributes tab and fill in the document name, current year, document version, logo image, and folder name in the respective fields.

  1. Go to the Description column and enter the name of the Google document.
  2. Copy the document link and paste it into the URL field.
  3. Go to the Include cell alongside the document name you just entered.
  4. Click the arrow icon and select Yes from the popup options.
    Include options in Active List tab
  5. Repeat the same steps to add all your documents.
  6. Go to the Meta Attributes tab and add the document name, folder name, and other relevant details.
  7. Click Merge Documents in the Merge Google Docs popup.
    Merge documents option in Merge Google Docs popup

You can view the final document by clicking Open Google Doc in the Process Complete popup or going to the Results tab to get the final document’s link. Alternatively, you can also click Download the PDF to download the output file in PDF format.

How to Merge Multiple Google Docs Files From Google Drive

If you want to directly merge multiple Google Docs files from Google Drive and without using Sheets, use the Merge Google Documents, Spreadsheets add-on for Workspace.

  1. Go to Google Drive.
  2. Right-click one of the files you want to merge.
  3. Hover on Open with and choose Merge Google Documents from the popup options.
    Merge Google Documents option in Google Drive
  4. Click Login & Authorize on the tool’s page to log in to Google Drive.
    Login and authorize option on Merge Google Documents, Spreadsheet
  5. Go to Select files from Google Drive.
    Select files from Google Drive option in Merge Google Docs tool
  6. Look for the files you want to add from the Select the files popup.
  7. You can click a document file and click Select to add it to the document merging list. Repeat these steps to add all your documents to the list.
  8. Click the Root folder to save the output file to Google Drive or choose Select Target folder to save from Google Drive to pick a folder.
  9. Enter the file name in the Filename to saved field.
    Select target folder and add file name in Merge Google Documents tool
  10. Click Merge Documents, Spreadsheets.

Once merged, you can view the resulting document at your chosen save location or open it directly by clicking View below the Merge Documents, Spreadsheets option.
View merged file in Google Drive

Bind Your Related Documents Together

A single Google Doc on a topic or a project is much better than multiple ones scattered across your Google Drive. Once you merge all related documents, you can number pages in Google Docs to keep everything organized.  


Q. Is there a built-in merge feature in Google Drive?

A. Google Drive doesn’t have a direct merge feature to merge documents and spreadsheets. However, you can still integrate merging tools for Google Drive, such as Merge Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Document Merge for Google Docs.

Q. Can I convert a Google Doc to Word?

A. To convert a Google Doc to Word, you can download your Google Doc in Microsoft Word format. Click File from the top menu in Google Docs, hover on Download, and select Microsoft Word from the popup options.

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