How to Enable and Trigger iCloud Backups in iOS 8

Posted by Jim Tanous on September 19, 2014

iCloud Backup lets iOS users back up their devices without needing to connect to a Mac or PC running iTunes. When enabled, iOS will automatically back up your data every day, but users can also enable a manual backup at any time. If you’ve just upgraded to iOS 8, however, you may be wondering where the option for a manual iCloud backup has gone, as its location is a bit different in Apple’s latest mobile operating system.
For reference, the ability to trigger a manual iCloud backup in iOS 7 could be found at Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup. With iOS 8, however, there’s a new dedicated iCloud Storage menu where you can see the contents of your backups, but the option to “Back Up Now” is missing.
iOS 8 Enable iCloud Backup
To find the ability to trigger a manual iCloud backup in iOS 8, head to Settings > iCloud > Backup, which is a new menu towards the bottom of the iCloud settings list.
iOS 8 iCloud Backup Now
Here, you can enable iCloud backups, which will disable any automatic backups your iPhone or iPad might have been configured to perform when connected to your PC or Mac with iTunes. Once enabled, however, your iPhone or iPad won’t be backed up until the next scheduled backup interval. To manually initiate your first backup immediately, and to trigger manual iCloud backups in the future, just tap Back Up Now. The backup process will commence and you’ll see a handy progress bar appear along with an estimated time until completion.

5 thoughts on “How to Enable and Trigger iCloud Backups in iOS 8”

Diane Peters says:
This didn’t work for me. When I hit backup now, it asks for my icloud password. Then it says “The last backup could not be completed.” This has been going on for two months now since the IOS 8 upgrade. The iphone 5c keeps asking to backup but then the same saying. I have a feeling that my husband did not accept the terms and conditions when he upgraded. I can’t figure out how to accept them now and get my icloud backup going again. Any suggestions?
Kristi says:
Thank you, I don’t know why I had such difficulty finding where the manual backup option moved to, but it was starting to become an nuisance for me.
Tenaya Winkelman says:
This just saved me from a mild “freak out!” Thanks so much!
Kris Rawls says:
Thanks for this! Bravo.

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