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How To install Colossus on Kodi

How To install Colossus on Kodi

If you have been trying to install Colossus on Kodi anytime this year, you will likely have found it isn’t working. Apparently the people behind it stopped supporting it in November 2017 and it hasn’t worked since. If you’re set on using it though, there is a way to manually install it from the original source files.

Apparently one of the lead developers behind Colossus was sent a ‘Cease and Desist’ order on behalf of the MPA (Motion Picture Association). The team decided enough was enough and to stop working on Colossus. While a blow, it is understandable. The MPA has huge resources and not many individuals or small teams of people would be able to compete with the high priced lawyers the MPA keeps to hand. So Colossus is at an end for now.

There are lots of other repos out there that are still supported but if you definitely want to try it, here’s how to install Colossus on Kodi.

Installing Colossus on Kodi

To install Colossus on Kodi, we will need to download the Colossus files from the main page at GitHub. The page is still there and so are the files so grab them quickly and we can install them in Kodi.

  1. Navigate to the Colossus page on GitHub.
  2. Scroll to the repository.colossus folder and select the repository.colossus-999.999.9 file.
  3. Download the file to your hard drive and scan it with your AV just in case. It should be fine but it’s always better to be safe.

This file contains everything you need to install Colossus on Kodi. Now we can get on with installing it. We will open Kodi and enable downloads from unknown sources if you haven’t already.

  1. Open Kodi on your computer.
  2. Select System Settings and Add-ons.
  3. Select Unknown sources and toggle it to on.
  4. Confirm when the popup window prompts you.
  5. Navigate to the Kodi home page.
  6. Select Add-ons and then the little box icon at the top left.
  7. Select Install from zip file and point Kodi at the download from GitHub.
  8. Allow the install to complete. You should see a message once done.

Depending on when you’re doing this, the repo should be able to install add-ons like Covenant and others like it. Covenant was the jewel in Colossus’ crown and one of the reasons it was so popular. It is available elsewhere but sometimes we like what we like.

Alternatives to Colossus on Kodi

As usual, things change and the world moves on. While Colossus may be no more, other repos have taken its place. There are a bunch of Colossus alternatives out there worth trying. Here are just a few of them.


USTVnow is a credible alternative that has a ton of American TV content. You need to link the add-on with the USTVnow website and create an account but aside from that, this add-on works well and has a huge range of programming for every possible taste.


TVAddons is part of the Indigo repo and is another huge selection of TV programming. This time there is more from around the world rather than being purely from the US. I have seen this one in action and the range of TV shows available is huge. Well worth checking out.

Poseidon Kodi addon

Poseidon Kodi addon is pretty good and offers access to TV and movies, many in HD and of good quality. As its namesake, Poseidon Kodi addon rose from nowhere to become a viable alternative to Colossus. It is well worth checking out if you can’t get Colossus working properly.


Plexus is also worth a look. It’s a Peer to peer add-on that provides access to TV and movies and has risen to prominence thanks to the demise of Colossus and Covenant. I haven’t tried this one yet but it was recommended to be by a couple of buddies that have. The whole P2P thing works well apparently.

Use Kodi responsibly

If you don’t already use Kodi responsibly, the fact that Colossus is no longer with us because of a legal issue with the MPA should convince you otherwise. If you’re a regular Kodi user and use streams and not just locally stored content, always use a VPN. TechJunkie has a lot of coverage on VPNs including comparisons, safe use and all the information you need to stay safe online. Always use a VPN if you stream using Kodi.

As you can see, you can still install Colossus on Kodi but it doesn’t work that well. Along with Covenant, Colossus is no more and while the source files are still available, getting it to work is a little hit and miss. Good luck with it!

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