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Ten Great iOS Apps for Toddlers

Ten Great iOS Apps for Toddlers

An entire generation is growing up right now having not known a world without smartphones and tablets. While this prospect can be distressing to parents for whom their most advanced childhood toy was an Etch A Sketch, these modern devices, with proper guidance and moderation, can offer our kids new opportunities for growth and development.

Parents with young children know firsthand how little ones are intently drawn to our mobile devices. If you choose to incorporate smartphones and tablets into your child’s learning and play, make the most of it with these apps. Read on for ten great iOS apps for toddlers, covering everything from colors and shapes, to numbers, to potty training.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Great iOS Apps for Toddlers”

Linda Dell says:
Wow, this is a cool list indeed. Fish School has got to be my favorite, mainly because I haven’t yet tried most of the other ones mentioned here. My toddler is very hard to please, but surprisingly I’ve found that he likes puzzles of all apps. One of the best actually is Woozzle ( ). An added bonus is that it’s free and provided plenty of puzzles.
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