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LG G6 Problems With WiFi (Solutions)

LG G6 Problems With WiFi (Solutions)

Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that LG G6 users have reported. Wi-Fi problems on the LG G6 seem to be a common occurrence. Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection on the LG G6 is slow, or the signal is weaker than it should be. Other times Wi-Fi networks are disconnected from periodically. Follow the guide we’ve provided below to fix some of the Wi-Fi problems on the LG G6.
Solve Slow WiFi on LG G6
The biggest Wi-Fi issue on the LG G6 is the slow speed when you use apps – this is especially true for apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or other similar social media – images take a long time to load. This has been reported to happen even when the Wi-Fi signal strength is healthy. Here are some quick fixes to this frustrating issue.
How to fix slow wifi on LG G6:

  1. Switch off the LG G6 by holding the power button.
  2. Once switched off, hold down the power button, volume up and home button simultaneously.
  3. After a few seconds the LG G6 will vibrate once. The LG G6 will now boot into recovery mode.
  4. Select the “wipe cache partition” option and then select the option to start it.
  5. This process will take a few minutes to complete. Once it’s completed you can restart the LG G6 by choosing the “reboot system now” option.

LG G6 switches from WiFi to Data randomly
Another concern LG G6 users have with their Wi-Fi connection is that it often switches between Wi-Fi and mobile data regularly. This is actually a setting that LG has built to help users who are on slow Wi-Fi speeds, and it can be switched off. The feature is called “Smart network Switch” and it enables the LG G6 to switch to mobile data when the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to is being slower than available mobile data speeds. You can turn this feature off completely and we’ll explain how below.
Disable the smart network switch on LG G6 and fix the WiFi problem:

  1. Make sure your LG G6 is switched on.
  2. Switch your mobile data connection on.
  3. Once your mobile data is switched on, go to the apps menu, open the settings app and then within settings tap ‘Wireless.’
  4. On the Wireless page you’ll see an option for “Smart network switch.”
  5. Tap to disable this feature.
  6. Your LG G6 will no longer switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data by itself.

How to forget a saved Wi-Fi network:
Need to delete a saved Wi-Fi network from your LG G6? It’s simple – you just need to visit the settings app and head to the Wi-Fi section. From there you can select the network that you’d like to delete and then press the “Forget” button. You can also modify existing networks – this is useful if you need to change the password for a Wi-Fi network you connect to. Below we’ve created a step by step guide.

  1. Make sure your LG G6 is turned on.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the display to bring up the notification bar. Next tap the settings option.
  3. Find ”Network connections” and then tap Wi-Fi.
  4. You’ll need to tap the ON/OFF switch to make sure Wi-Fi is turned on first.
  5. Select the listing for the Wi-Fi network you’d like to forget. Next, tap the “Forget” button.
  6. The chosen network will now be forgotten. It will be possible to connect to it again if needed.

Get Technical Support
If you’re still having issues after trying all of these steps, you may need to take your LG G6 to the retailer you purchased it from. Alternatively you can contact LG directly and ask them to fix the issue. If there a fault is found on your LG G6, you may get a replacement or repair for free as part of your warranty.

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