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How to Lower Your Ping Rate

How to Lower Your Ping Rate

As a gamer, there’s nothing more annoying than an online video game that’s lagging. A high ping count is often the culprit behind this issue. Ping refers to the measure of time it takes for a packet to travel between the client and servers. The higher the ping, the more lag time when playing an online game.

There are a few reasons why your ping can be high, including poor internet connection, outdated computers, and the number of devices you’re supporting, among others. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get a handle on your ping rate. This article will highlight why you may be experiencing a high ping rate and what you can do to lower this often crucial number.

Run an Internet Speed Test

If you’re an online gamer, then you know the importance of a strong internet connection. Above anything else, a high ping count typically points to a slow internet speed. One way of doing this is by simply typing “internet speed test” into Google. You’ll then need to select the button which says “Run Speed Test,” after which a pop-up will appear showing you your speed score. Anything below 100Mbps is considered on the lower side and indicates a problem with your internet speed.

It’s worth remembering that internet speed can also vary depending on how many users are attached to your network simultaneously. To thoroughly check to see if your bandwidth is overwhelmed, it’s recommended to conduct several internet speed tests throughout the day. If you find too many users, you can remove some or disconnect some devices to improve your internet connection.

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Look for Issues With Your ISP

When checking your internet connection, it’s also worth incorporating a bandwidth testing tool. That way, you can see whether you’re using the right amount of bandwidth for your device. Should you find that the connection is underachieving, it’s a good idea to contact your internet service provider. It may even be a good idea to switch service providers in some cases. Additionally, plugging a PC into a wired connection, such as an ethernet cable, allows for a better flow of data.

Select a Closer Game Server

Another way of effectively lowering your ping rate is to consider the proximity of the game server to your device. The further apart they are, the longer it takes to communicate, resulting in a higher ping rate. To lower the ping rate when playing online games, it’s always a good idea to choose a server closest to your physical location.

Close Any Background Content

Having too many windows open at the same time can also affect your ping rate. Often, the various windows end up fighting for the computer’s attention, which ultimately leads to issues such as missing visual cues and game objects not rendering. If you want to focus solely on the game in front of you without any issues, it’s a good idea to close all background programs and applications. In doing so, you are also minimizing your bandwidth, as there is less content relying on its connection. Plus, windows updates can also have an effect on the ping rate.

Use a VPN

Another way of lowering your ping rate during online gaming is to use a VPN. A reliable VPN service gives users a more direct route than a regular ISP packet and provides a smooth flow of information between your computer and game server. We recommend ExpressVPN as they are tried and true.


ExpressVPN is a great solution for lowering your gaming ping. This excellent service provides users with top-notch speed and unlimited bandwidth – features that are bound to make any gamer happy. Additionally, users can take part in a 30-day free trial before committing in order to get a better idea of what to expect.

Get a New Router

Updating your router could be the key to ensuring a lower ping rate. An old router may struggle to maintain a strong internet connection and consequently cause lagging when you’re trying to play a game online. By installing a new device, you should have access to a stronger wireless connection. There are even some routers specifically designed to optimize your gaming experience. This feature is called “Quality of Service.”

Check the Game Server’s Ping

Sometimes, it may not be your internet connection that is causing a low ping but the server of the game you’re playing. If you have access to your server’s IP address, then it is possible to check this. Plus, you can visit sites such as Game Server Ping, where you can directly see the ping rates of certain servers. If you notice a server’s ping rate is high, then this could be a clear reason why your ping rate has also increased.

Contact Your Service Provider

If all else fails and your ping rate remains unusually high, it may be time to contact your internet service provider. With an expert opinion, you can get a better understanding of what needs to be done to troubleshoot the problem so that you can get back to gaming.

Let the Games Begin

Gaming may mean different things to different people. Some enjoy the thrill of letting their competitive spirit come to light, whereas others may find it the perfect way to relax after a long day.

The one thing that all online gamers can agree on is that nothing ruins a game faster than a high ping count. The lower your ping, the smoother and more competitively advantageous the experience.

Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting techniques you can carry out yourself to minimize your ping rate and avoid potential lagging. Once that is out of the way, you can focus on high scores rather than high ping.

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