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The Most Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs

The Most Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs

As one of the largest smart TV manufacturers, Sony offers numerous models for every budget. While these TVs all have different features, the remote control design stays similar. Once you know where the most common buttons are located on a typical Sony TV, you can easily switch between models. Apart from that, let’s also take a look at the alternate ways to control your Sony Smart TV.

Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs

The Number Pad

The number pad design and locations haven’t changed much since the days of CRT TVs. There may be exceptions, but the numpad on Sony Smart TV remotes is located near the top. Other companies, including LG and Samsung, also use a similar design.

Color Buttons

Every Sony remote control has a set of four buttons, usually ordered red, green, yellow, and blue. These color-coded buttons are the only ones that have specific purposes in various menus and apps. Follow the onscreen information regarding the functionality of each button.

Multimedia Controls

Sony hasn’t radically changed the design of its remote controls in recent years. The multimedia buttons represent the most significant difference between generations of Sony Smart TVs. It forms the circle in the middle of a typical Sony remote control. While the layout can be slightly different, they all feature the buttons “Action Menu,” “Guide,” “Home,” “Discover,” Back,” and “TV.” In the center of the circle, there is the confirmation button and navigation arrows. Just above those are additional multimedia buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Android, Google Play, and other services.

Most Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs

Audio and the Controls Buttons

The rest of the standard buttons below the circle are used to control the volume, channel, and input source, if available. Near the bottom, you’ll find buttons to manipulate the video, as you can freeze, rewind, fast forward, or record the content. This layout follows tradition and is almost the same on all smart TV remotes regardless of manufacturer.

The Digital Alternative to the Traditional Remote Control

If your remote controller is broken or the batteries are empty, you can use your smartphone instead. Download TV Remote for Sony (Smart TV Remote Control) from Google Play or Smart TV Remote for Sony TV on the App Store. Both apps are free and support all Sony TV models. The interface can be customized, allowing users to program macros. You can also save your favorite channels, use voice controls, or write text on TV.

To Use the Remote in WiFi Mode, Follow These Steps:

  1. Connect your Sony Smart TV to your preferred WiFi network.
  2. Connect your smartphone to the same network.
  3. Start the app and wait for the confirmation message on your TV screen. If you reject it by mistake, go to HOME>Network>Home>Network Setup>Remote Device>Remote Device List.

As your TV doesn’t use the internet connection when turned off, you can’t use your smartphone to turn it on. If your regular TV remote is broken, you can turn on your TV by pressing the built-in power button. It’s usually located at the right of the Sony logo and on the underside of the TV. Press and hold it to turn the TV on.

Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs

For Infrared IR Blaster Mode, Do the Following:

  1. Check if your smartphone has a built-in IR Blaster. It’s present in the LG G3 and up, Samsung Galaxy S, Xiaomi Mi, HTC One series, and many other models.
  2. Launch TV Remote for Sony and control your TV directly. Using this mode, you can turn on the TV using your smartphone.

Smart Control

Sony Smart TVs have almost uniform design save for certain small differences that you probably won’t notice. Even if you’ve been using the remotes for other brands of TVs, most of the button names, symbols, and layouts will be familiar. As an alternative, download the appropriate remote control app for your Android or Apple device to use your cellphone as a remote. Since the interface copies the physical remote, you may find the app a lot more convenient.

What buttons are you missing on your Sony Smart TV remote? Do you plan to download a remote control app for your smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Common Button Locations on Sony Smart TVs”

Martin says:
Hi, I would note here that my Sony remote (which is used with KDL-55HX925) is missing important button to switch between the two latest resent used TV Channels which I had on Samsung remote. It’s also missing the button where you can scroll through the channels and their program information (as overlay – size of 1/4 of the image from top) without bringing the Guide on screen which I had on Samsung remote. Have to say being a fan of well built old Full HD TVs in years between 2011-2013.. the Samsung have a more useful features on the remote.
Marlene Smith says:
Where is the volume button on the tv-not on the remote-i think my remote is worn out. It will not work when trying to make the volume louder
Carole McGhie says:
HELP I have somehow turned on the Audio Description with this loud lady’s voice and can’t turn it off. Where is the button to do that on the Sony remote? She keeps yelling at me when I turn up the volume.

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