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OnePlus 5T: How To Change Lock Screen

OnePlus 5T: How To Change Lock Screen

Changing the OnePlus 5T lock screen is a great way to personalize your device and make it more functional. You can change the lock screen in several different ways. You can add various widgets or icons with a customized lock screen. For more info, see the instructions below.

In your Settings, tap on Lock screen. You’ll find a variety of options for customizing the appearance and functionality of your lock screen.

  • Dual Clock: This displays the time for wherever you are, as well as for your home time zone. For anyone who travels a lot, it could be an invaluable feature.
  • Clock Size: This lets you increase or decrease the display size for better readability.
  • Show the Date: This lets you toggle the date display on or off, so you can decide whether or not the date is displayed on your lock screen.
  • Camera Shortcut:  This allows you to unlock the camera instantly, rather than needing to first bypass the lock screen.
  • Owner Information: Personal identification like your name and company can be displayed on the lock screen, so if you lose your phone anyone who find sit can have some idea of whose it is.
  • Unlock Effect: You can choose from a variety of animation effects for getting into and out of the lock screen, to give the lock screen a more personalized feel.
  • Additional Info: You can add or remove local weather or other assorted information from the lock screen.

OnePlus 5T: Lock Screen Customization

To add or remove items from your Lock Screen, simply press and hold on your Home screen in any area that doesn’t have an icon. A screen will display with an Edit Mode that lets you customize the wallpaper, add or install widgets, and change the Home screen settings. Select Wallpaper, and then Lock screen.

The OnePlus 5T features a few stock wallpapers for the lock screen, and you’re free to use any of them. However, if you can’t find the wallpaper that you want, you can select any image from your OnePlus 5T storage. Just tap on Set Wallpaper once you’ve located the appropriate image.

You’ll be able to change the lock screen on the OnePlus 5T as much as you want, and make your smartphone more personalized after you follow the instructions above.

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