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How to Find Apple's High Resolution OS X Wallpaper Images

How to Find Apple's High Resolution OS X Wallpaper Images

In addition to the default image that characterizes each version of its desktop operating system, Apple has long included dozens of beautiful desktop wallpaper backgrounds in OS X. These professional OS X wallpaper images — ranging from nature, to space, to abstract art — are all stored at ultra-high resolutions (with some, at 5120×2880, fueling speculation of an upcoming Retina iMac) and provide a great background canvas upon which to work. Unlike a user’s custom wallpapers that are found in the Pictures folder or iPhoto, however, Apple’s included wallpapers are tucked away in the bowels of the operating system. Here’s how to find these included OS X wallpaper images so that you can enjoy them outside of your Mac’s desktop.
To locate the included OS X wallpaper images, open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder from the Menu Bar. Enter the following location and press Return:

/Library/Desktop Pictures

Alternatively, you can easily navigate to this folder in a Finder window. Note, however, that this is the system Library folder, located at the root of the drive, and not the user Library folder.
OS X Desktop Pictures Folder
Here, you’ll find dozens of high quality wallpaper images, including the default wallpapers of previous versions of OS X, such as OS X Mountain Lion’s stylized image of the Andromeda galaxy. You’re safe using these images for personal, non-commercial purposes, as outlined in the OS X Software License Agreement, so go ahead and enjoy having these great OS X wallpaper images on your Windows or Linux system, game console, or mobile device.
One note of caution, however: be careful not to delete or remove any images from the Desktop Pictures folder (if you drag an image out of this folder, it will be copied instead of moved). You need to enter an admin password to remove an image from this folder, so it will be hard to do so by accident, but if you do somehow delete any of these images, you won’t be able to select them from the Desktop System Preference pane and you’ll have to find a replacement copy online to get it back.

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9 thoughts on “How to Find Apple's High Resolution OS X Wallpaper Images”

Jan Hargrave says:
Thank you. I love the apple pictures, except “Shapes” which I find terribly ugly. Thanks for helping me get rid of it so I can let the desktop cycle through the rest of them!
Matus says:
Great!!! 
Ty Cahill says:
Thanks for sharing the location of these files! Is putting the files in /Library/Desktop Pictures really considered “tucked away in the bowels of the operating system”? :-)
Thomas Vogler says:
Kind of. It’s a place you shouldn’t play with.
Jimmy Gelhaar says:
I think you could call junk in the Windows registry “tucked away in the bowels of the operating system”, but /Library/ is hardly ‘tucked’ away that far.
Also, using ‘bowels’ to refer to Windows seems apropo, but a terrible choice for Mac OS X.
David McCuen says:
Thank you for this awesome tip! Exactly what I needed. I wanted to create a subset of their hi-res photos and anyway, this was perfect! Thank you.
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Olivia Duo says:
In a word, only google images search with the keywords “OS X Wallpaper Images”. Why need so many words to solve the problem?
Zeki Xu says:
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How does making folders hard to find protect copyright? If they really wanted to protect copyright, they’d just omit the files completely, instead of going out of their way to make it hard to find. Unlike you, they are not idiots. And folders are really darn easy to find, in my opinion. You can search for it, or navigate the idiot-proof interface. Actually, I take it back, it’s not idiot-proof since you came along and proved that idiots can still manage to break it.
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And that stuff about Chinese workers suiciding… I don’t even…
mogwaipr says:
I sort of agree. Have you thought of the working conditions of the clone PC factories? Don’t expect anything different. China is a different realm of reality. What do you expect from a country where they replace the façade of a girl during the olympic games?
doonapps says:
Or, you can open preferences > desktops/screensaver select your desktop (highlight) and press Command and C at he same time. Then, find your folder and press Command and V at the same time. Perfect easy way.

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