Overall Best Apple Watch: Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 With GPS

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch for your iPhone or want to upgrade the one you are using, get the Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS model, it is the best one in the market.

The Watch comes in two sizes, which are 38mm and 42mm, and you can pick up the custom lugs band from Amazon if you want to match it with a steel lugged watch.

Things That Make The Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 With GPS The Best Of Its Kind

The Watch is not just the bestselling smartwatch; it is for a good reason, one of the bestselling watches in the whole world. It is one of the most convenient, speediest, smallest fantastic timepieces that are available on the market. The Watch has three main models which are Series 3 with cellular and GPS, Series three with GPS, and Series 1. Though many of these timepieces will be perfect for your need, the aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 is the ideal watch for people that are upgrading or buying a smartwatch for the first time.

Why buy the Series 3 model that has only GPS instead of the one with both GPS and Cellular? The answer is simple “Price.” It is the cheapest model at $329 that gives you the entry point into the world of Apple Watch without losing out on the essential features. There is only a little difference between the two models, and the cellular function is a significant difference. They have more similarities like battery life, GPS + altimeter sensors for running and hiking, S3 super speed processor, and they run on WatchOS 4. In the case of the Series 1, it has better functional processor but with no GPS and smaller battery. It is the perfect watch for whoever is on a tight budget, but far from the best.

The Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS has a limited band option, smaller storage space of 8GB to 16GB when compared to Series 3 GPS plus Cellular, but has a slightly better rear casing of composite to ceramic. There are few design limitations if you decide to opt for this model, for example, you won’t be able to pair it with new Sports Loop although you can get one for an additional $49. You won’t also be able to upgrade the casing; the Hermes, ceramic, and steel collections are only available for Series 3 GPS plus Cellular. It is the go-to watch if you need something won’t let you down and also perform well.

Here Are Some Things You Need To Know:

If you find it challenging to choose between the 38mm and 42mm version, there a few things you should know. The bigger watch has a more extensive battery and bigger screen but also has an additional price of $30 and bigger footprint on the wrist. After conducting an informal survey on Twitter asking users about what they like about each size, the people who prefer the 38mm wants it for its subtleness, lighter weight, and its excellent fit on the wrist. The people that prefer the larger size likes it for the extra battery life, legibility, larger tap targets, and the proportional size of the users with the bigger wrist.

The Series 3 plus GPS can’t last you for a whole day of sleep tracking and exercise, but it will take you closer. The smartwatch has a lot of fantastic features that can carry you throughout the day unless you want to wait for Series 4 that will be coming out in 2018.

Aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Plus Cellular

This smartwatch has all the features of Series 3 plus GPS and more if you stay in a place that supports cellular network on Apple Watch.

If you want cellular, more storage space, Apple Music, rear casing durability upgrade, band options, and you have extra cash, check out this Series 3 GPS plus Cellular model.

What Makes The Series 3 GPS Plus Cellular Model Great

The Cellular data feature is a brilliant addition to Apple Watch; it allows you to leave your phone at home while you go on a run, work outside, go for a swim, visit the grocery store, and more. When the Apple Music and Radio streaming arrives in the fall; it’ll be the only Apple Watch that has these features.

I have been examining and using this watch for several weeks, and what I can tell you is that while it offers extra functions, it is every bit as long lasting and functional as the Series 3 GPS. I now use this watch for my personal use primarily because the cellular feature is perfect for my lifestyle.

If you plan to occasionally make a phone call or walk your neighborhood without your phone, the Series 3 GPS plus Cellular model can offer freedom and peace of mind in a way others can’t. The model also gives you band and casing options, allowing you to upgrade to ceramic, steel, or sapphire screened watches from aluminum, as well as pairing with Apple’s new exercise band.

You should know some things if you plan to purchase Series 3 GPS plus Cellular:

  •      It is not a device that can operate all on its alone; it requires an iPhone to pair and set the cellular up
  •      You’ll have to pay between the range of $(5-15) every month before you can use it on your network
  •      Most countries are not carriers, so it is limited to a few
  •      Due to the limitation of the band, you won’t be able to internationally roam (Although, you can get local SIM and set up your watch if it is supported)

If you can meet all these conditions, Series 3 GPS plus Cellular can be the perfect fit for you.


Apple Watch Series 1

Best on a budget: Apple Watch Series 1

This series is an excellent option if you don’t want to spend much time on upgrade or this is your first Apple Watch.

Bottom line: It doesn’t have the fitness sensors, speed, or battery improvements of the Series 3, but it is the cheapest entry point.

One more important thing: Ensure you consider the purchases of future bands if you want to go for the Series 1 by saving money. Later buying the Sports Loop band that comes with Series 3 GPS plus Cellular can reduce your savings between the models from $150 to $100.

Why You Should Buy The Series 1

The Series 1 Apple Watch is the new and improved entry model of the original Apple Watch. The smartwatch has the same colors, internal components, and external aluminum hardware as the Series 0. The System in a package of the watch gets upgrade to S1P from S1. The newer system include the same GPU and upgraded processor that is in the 2016’s second series of Apple Watch, but it lacks GPS antenna

Series 1 is a fantastic option for the first time Apple Watch users, it is fast, and the S1P chips provides better battery when compared to the Series 0. The Series 1 is not as good as the Series 2 or 3 but is close. The smartwatch is limited to Series 3; it offers only space gray or silver aluminum and only black or white Sports bands. The battery is also not as good, and this factor alone is enough for you to consider the Series 3 if you are trying to upgrade or afford it. The watch also lacks ceramic back that comes with Series 3 GPS plus Cellular, and strangely enough, it doesn’t come with an adaptor but only charging cable.

The Series 1 is the ideal option if you are looking to step into the world of Apple Watch with a watch that can get the job done and yet affordable.

Hermes, Nike+, And Edition

Bottom line: Consider Ceramic, Apple’s Nike, or Hermes lines if you care about stylish casings, expensive watch, or want classic bands.

Why You Should Pick Up The Hermes, Nike+, Or Edition Watches

The Hermès line Apple Watch boasts of exclusive series bands, and custom watch faces as its perks. The smartwatch is more of premium fashion to athletics. It is the right Apple Watch for you if you can and will to pay for the luxury.

The Nike+ Apple Watch provides anodized aluminum cases that are paired with Sports Loops and custom Sports bands but is similar to the standard Series 3. The unique features that come with the watch also include Nike Plus watch faces, Siri integration and more. If you are a fan of Nike, this Apple Watch will perfectly suit your style.

The Watch Edition selling point is the ceramic look; the Ceramic smartwatch doesn’t come with any unique watch faces or particular bands. The gray edition has a black/gray Sports band while the white comes with a white Sports band. The cachet and material of the watch are very lovely; you can pay the premium if you want your Apple Watch to be exquisite.


The aluminum Apple Watch Series 3 plus GPS, is the best watch for people that want an upgrade and first-time buyer. It has a speedy processor, altimeter measurement, intelligent GPS tracking, and an excellent battery for both of the models and it also has an excellent value.

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