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How To Pay with LetGo

How To Pay with LetGo

LetGo has become a highly popular way for folks to get rid of their old stuff – it’s like having a garage sale on your phone. Letgo is a fantastic way to connect with local people looking to buy and sell used items. Unfortunately, just like a garage sale, there aren’t any built-in payment mechanisms. So if you’re interested in making a purchase through Letgo, you have to come up with some way of handling the transaction. When you find an item you want to purchase, you’ll have to work out payment another way.

Payment Options

You’ll need to discuss payment options with the seller to make sure that you’re both comfortable. We’ve provided a few ideas below.

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Paypal or similar
  • Check

All of these payment options have their own pros and cons. Paypal and checks in particular can be risky. Many sellers won’t accept checks because checks can bounce, leaving them without their property or the money they’re owed. Services like Paypal can be risky for buyers or sellers depending on if the payment is made before or after the exchange.

It’s tempting to want to trust everyone we meet online, especially when they seem nice. But it’s important to think about the potential pitfalls with any payment option.

Recommended by Letgo

Letgo recommends that sellers only accept cash at in person transactions. They’ve determined this to be the best option for guaranteeing payment. They also recommend that buyers and sellers meet in a public place to complete the exchange.

There is, however, a small problem with Letgo’s recommendations. The service makes it possible to exchange anything from jewelry to large pieces of furniture. For the later, it might be difficult to arrange an in person meeting. You may have to go to the seller’s home to pick up the item (or they to yours).

Now imagine that you’re paying $350 for the item. If you’re paying cash, take a moment and think about what you’re doing. You’re telling someone you don’t know where you will be in a private location with $350 cash on you. Sure, you can take a friend with you, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is more than a little risky. Luckily, there might be a better option.

Try a Credit Card Reader

These days, with so few people hanging on to cash, it just makes sense to get a credit card reader for your phone. This is especially true if you plan to sell a lot of items with large payments. Although the buyer could always try to contest the charge, the seller also has recourse. This is the safest option for buyers with large transactions that can’t be handled in public places. Sellers should be cognizant of this and get a reader.

Obviously, if you’re the buyer there’s little you can do to ensure that the seller has a reader. However, if the transaction is large enough, you might send them a link to Quickpro’s Intuit reader. It’s highly rated and free (but for the transaction fees of course). You could even offer to pay a little extra to cover the fees. Consider it a security tax.

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4 thoughts on “How To Pay with LetGo”

alan lockrem says:
I ‘am wanting to buy a rv for 1200.00 the seller is going through ebay cards she lives in or i live in fl. I get the ebay card before I see rv she ships the rv to me free. If I want it ebay sends her the money If I don’t want it ebay send me the money back by check or money order Does this sound on the up and up?
Robert says:
Using prepaid cards (be them itunes, steam, ebay, etc) as payment for anything other than using them for the service written on the card is usually a scam. Checks are pretty suspect, too.
Harvey Eden says:
WHy is there no other option to pay for a boost than the I cloud app? I don’t have an account for iCloud an the system gives me no options
Jt says:
So some one wants to pay me with a cashiers check this sounds like a risky thing to me
Matt Van Every says:
mike says:
why doesn’t the UPS store or FedEX get into the game? You bring your item that you’ve sold on LetGo to the UPS store, they confirm by text to you that they have the item, you venmo the seller and UPS ships the item to you at the sellers cost.
Katherine Manson says:
So Mike, the seller has to pay to ship? What if it’s a really heavy wine cooler

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