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Posted by Sydney on August 25, 2018

Your garage is filled with stuff you never use – maybe that you never even opened. Your newborns have turned into elementary school kids, and you’ve got a ton of baby stuff clogging every hall closet and attic space. You lost those 20 pounds (or gained them) and have a closet full of clothes that don’t now and never will fit again. In short, you’ve got a lot of stuff and a shortage of space and cash – so why not reverse that situation? A friend tells you about Letgo, the popular new app for community-based (i.e., local) buying and selling. Eager to get started, you take a quick picture of your baby’s old bouncer and that pile of fat jeans and wait for the contacts to roll in. Only…they don’t. What did you do wrong? Surely, someone needs this stuff.

And someone does, so if it isn’t selling then you might be doing it wrong. It happens – knowing what our old stuff is worth, and knowing how to market it, aren’t necessarily skills that everyone has right off the bat. If you’re having trouble unloading your stuff on Letgo, consider the following tips to attract more buyers.

Tips for Attracting Buyers

  • Make your stuff look good. The app markets itself as being about just taking a quick snapshot and instantly having someone show up who wants it. In real life, presentation is important. In other words, don’t just take a quick picture. Take a good picture. Make sure the item is easy to see with good lighting and a contrasting background. Take pictures from multiple angles and share them all. Buyers are going to be inherently, and rightfully, suspicious of items that look “hidden” or “obscured.” They’ll assume it’s not in as good condition as you suggest and that you’re trying to pull a fast one. Show them you have nothing to hide. That means clearly showing any damage ahead of time as well as putting in images that show your items in the best possible light.

  • Be descriptive. Letgo lets you put in a lot of description for your items. Take advantage of it. (Have a hard time typing in a bunch of description on your phone’s tiny little keyboard? Use voice typing to speed up the process.) Talk about the size, color, fabric, or whatever else might be relevant. Never assume that the picture speaks for itself. The more care you put into your post, the more buyers will be likely to trust you.

  • Price your item appropriately. Unless you did something special to renovate or renew the item, it’s not going to be worth as much as you paid for it new. Don’t expect to get your money back. On the other hand, if you price an item too far below what it might be worth, people might get suspicious. They’ll think you’re not being honest about the condition, or that it’s stolen, or that there’s something wrong with it. A quick look on Ebay and Amazon can give you the general range of what items like yours are going for online – and you don’t have to compete on shipping costs, either.
  • Use the bump feature. Letgo allows you boost your item for a $1.99 fee, sending your item back up to the top of the listings. This feature won’t be available immediately. Your item needs to be sitting around for a little while before this option becomes visible. Don’t go overboard on bumping – the truth is that if your item didn’t sell when you posted it, it’s relatively unlikely to sell when you bump it, and now you’re out two bucks. Don’t assume that it’ll never sell – there’s a “long tail” of items on Letgo and you can expect things to sell eventually if they are in good condition and the price is right.

The dark side of Letgo is that just because someone shows up for your item, that doesn’t mean they intend to pay for it. In fact, they might be there to rip you off. Where there are buyers and sellers, there are also scammers. Consider the following tips for using Letgo safely.

Letgo Safety Tips

  • Meet in person. This may feel risky from a personal safety perspective, but it is better from a financial safety perspective. If you don’t meet in person, then you are relying on a promise – the promise that you’ll get paid if you mail your item. That or you’re asking the other person to rely on a promise, which may feel risky to them. Letgo is about in-person transactions.
  • Meet in public. Never give a buyer your personal address and don’t ask them to give you theirs. Meet in a place with lots of people. Coffee shops make excellent meeting spots.
  • Accept cash only. This may seem punitive, especially in the age of credit cards and electronic payments. However, trading your item for hard cash on the spot is the only way you can be certain that you’ll be paid. Checks bounce. The promise of electronic transfers can be reneged on. Credit payments can be disputed. Cash, on the other hand, is money. (But don’t take any bill larger than a 20. In-person sales have become a magnet for counterfeiters. If someone insists on using a $50 or a $100, ask them to go change it at a local store. If they suddenly change their mind about making the deal, congratulations, you just avoided being victimized.)
  • Work only with verified users. Users who have their account verified are users who you can trust are who they say they are. It’s easy to get your account verified in Letgo. Therefore, if the account is unverified, you have to wonder what’s going on.
  • Never give out your personal information. We already mentioned never giving out your address. Don’t stop there. Avoid giving out your personal contact information (unless you need it to connect with the person), your social media information, your place of business, etc. Just don’t tell them what they don’t need to know. Absolutely never give out financial information (like your credit card or account information).
  • If in doubt, let them go! There are other fish in the proverbial sea. There are also other buyers in Letgo. If something doesn’t feel right, move on to another buyer.

These tips will protect you from users who might try to get away with a little free stuff. However, there are more involved scams that run on platforms like Letgo and Craigslist. Learn the signs and report them to Letgo and to Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  But how do you know if something is a scam?

Spotting Scams

Picture this: you have finally found a buyer for your baby’s high chair. In fact, she wants the high chair and about $150 in baby clothes and toys. But the buyer isn’t from around here. She is moving to town in a couple of weeks with her family and, in the meantime, wants to have a mover come pick up the items. She’s going to send you a $250 check, $175 is for the stuff and $75 is to pay the mover when he arrives. Already, there are some red flags here. She’s putting an awful lot of faith in someone she doesn’t know, so much so that she’s willing to give you extra money. She also seems to be paying that mover rather generously to pick up a small bunch of baby stuff. But she seems so earnest, and you want to help out a new mom and her family.

Stop right there.

You’ll deposit the check, take out the money, and pay the man who comes to pick up the baby stuff. Then, sometimes shortly thereafter, that check will bounce. In the end the scammers will have gotten away with all of your stuff and an extra $75.

This is a common scam on sites like these. However, it’s not the only kind. Scams can be difficult to spot, but not impossible. Look out for buyers wanting to send you checks for more than the agreed upon price. Look out for people asking for personal financial information (like people asking for your account number so they can transfer you funds electronically). Basically, look out for anything that isn’t a simple “I sell – you buy” transaction. Odds are, it’s a scam.

Have any great tips for selling on Letgo, or on avoiding scams? Share them with us below!


24 thoughts on “Tips for Selling on Letgo”

Tia Harris says:
I have a buyer in NY and l live in MD. They want to pay by PayPal and pay for shipping? Is this OK?
Allison says:
Thanks Tech Junkie! Great advice!
Beth says:
I had a buyer from Ohio (I’m in TX) she ask me if she could pay with Paypal and ship her stuff! I said sure and she then ask me for my paypal e-mail. Should I give to her? Not sure if this is a scam
nate says:
sending your paypal account email should be fine. Then see if they will really pay,
Nancy says:
I have a pixel phone just downloaded let go to sell and first message was sent to junk mail how can I fix this ty
Nancy Hakimi says:
I am a letgo member. recently I noticed my account is a kind of block.why? I can not open my inbox and also notification…. just nothing . Please help
Kendall says:
Letgo keeps reverting to a location that is not near my home. I am able to change it and click “set location” but then next time I go on the Letgo site, the location has always reverted back to the wrong location. Does anyone know how to fix this? It is extremely annoying. Also, when I search for an item, it shows all kinds of unrelated items. I’m not impressed at all with Letgo. Other sites that I use don’t have these issues.
Brenda Pierro says:
When selling expensive jewelry, i have buyer send me a picture of their ID. I tell them to cover their address and if need be i do the same. Weeds out some of the scammers
Peter says:
How do you not give out your address if you’re selling furniture which must be viewed in person and picked up?
Mj says:
When is the best time to post?
J says:
To post a used car I had for sale they wanted access to my pictures-I said yes- now I see that they downloaded All of my pictures!! How can I get them to eliminate my pictures from their database? I don’t care if I lose the listing to protect my privacy
Shayna says:
It will pull up all the pics on your phone. You just click the pics you want to use & the order you want them displayed. I like to get fancy with my first pic, then various different angled shots. Hint: when editing my pics, I click the favorites button (on your phone, not the app) then when you go to add photos to the app (or anywhere) instead of camera roll, change to favorites, so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of pics to find the ones you want for your listing.
Last hint: get photo vault, just in case..this app hides THOSE pics from nosy people going through your phone
James Howard says:
Thank you for the suggestions! I’m planning a garage sale in my house. My garage is basically a storage by now and I barely have room to access the laundry room.
Kay says:
I’m looking to buy a second-hand iPhone here on “Letgo” for my son. I found a few good deals on them but a couple of them told me they only do shipping and will only accept PayPal. Is this a red flag or what? How would I know if they are a scam or not? It’s so hard to tell plus I’m new to this.
Michael says:
I would not do it PayPal is very easy to scam with be upfront and direct say in person or no deal
Margery says:
Thank You GREAT Article! Much Appreciated. NEWBIE & Very Interested In Hearing ALL The Replies 2 Posted Questions On This Thread.
Joanne Maviglia says:
I was under the impression that my item would be offered to buyers in the area within a 20 mile radius. I’m in NY and a potential buyer was in Alabama. So my question is why is it that items are being offe r to buyers outside my area?
Loren says:
You can adjust your Target sales area with the map on the set up for the sale you just have to click on the map and then you can move the red indicator. I live in Kansas but I sell a lot of stuff in Denver Broncos Jerseys Colorado Rockies all that kind of stuff so just to make sure that the Red Dot locator is in the correct area that you want to sell in
Joshua says:
I have a very nice swimming pool I posted on Letgo almost a month ago. Its nearly brand new and it’s original sales price was $2,100.00 and I’m selling it for a mere $400.00. Not even one single message about it. In fact, most of the things I have sold were under $10.00. Is Let go mainly for super cheap junk? Because that’s what it seems. None of my nice things are selling and you can’t beat my prices. Litterally. I look up items that are the same or similar to what I’m trying to sell and I lowball even the lowest price. My prices for everything is ridiculous. Like $900.00 stereos for like $40.00 rediculous, yet nobody messages me. I do t get it. I really need to sell this swimming pool, like yesterday. I’ve already dropped the price from $500.00 to $400.00. I litterally cant go any lower. What am I doing wrong?
JSMOM says:
If buyer shows no picture, how do you know it is safe?
Susie Autry says:
1.) First time lister. Received emails showing interest. How do I respond to them?

2.) Both pieces are large and heavy furniture. I appreciate your warning about people coming to my house. Butt, I can’t bring pieces you Starbucks. What do I do?

Dorothy says:
Use your best judgement. I’ve personally listed large items for my 80 year old parents that were too large to travel with. I made sure I gave the address within an hour of the buyer making their way to pick it up. And I asked for their personal cell phone number so I could reach them directly. I also never disclose the hours I work or when I will be home. So far, I have not had any issues. One last thing, if you are a female who lives alone, try to have a male figure in the house during the transaction. Or at least another adult. Good luck and be safe.
Amanda says:
This is very helpful advicd just wondering if you provide a receipt for a purchase . My first time buyer wants a receipt should I give this to him or terminate the sale? Really would appreciate feedback
Laura says:
When is the best time of day to bump up an item? Are weekend the best time to do so?
C. Cole says:
How do I post something I want ?
Greg Blaho says:
I have sold two more items on letgo. I can’t seem to give the buyer a rating. Help Please list the steps involved!!
Thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.
Patty says:
This was very, very helpful thank you so much.
lucas fitch says:
Need some help with finding a way to ship and pay for item’s online, for example I have a buyer in Ohio and I’m in michgan but it’s a 6 hour drive so we can’t meet in person
Mazzie says:
A couple of buyers waned to come and see what I was selling at night. When I tell them I can only see them on the weekend during the day, I never hear back from them. Red flags.
Patty says:
How do you leave feed back for a seller on letgo ?
Elizabeth Furiga says:
I got a scam email the other day from a “buyer” on letgo.
A a single mother with no food and it’s her sons B-Day and yada yada yada. She was asking me if I could take 20$ instead of 40$ and I told her I would and asked her where she was at? I never gave out any personal info but she never responded.

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